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Emily Henderson Afternoon Snack Boucle 2
image via instagram from clippings design

Years ago when I was doing more designing and styling for clients, I would solemnly say that boucle was one of the only fabrics I didn’t touch or want my assistants to waste their time getting swatches of. Ten years ago, I hated it, opting for linen, cottons, velvets, mohair, etc. In the fabric stores, it always felt dated, very “decorator-y” and ’80s or ’90s. Boucle was really just an absolute no. Too curly, too loopy and not what I wanted in any of my designs. I was probably wrong about it even then, I’m sure that there were some good ones that I just didn’t open my mind to, but such was the level of my dislike.

So like the bolo tie (the one thing I never thought would come back, like EVER but has), I’m finding myself extremely attracted to this nubby, textural fabric and I’m considering it for our next sofa because it looks pretty cozy and supposedly decently durable. Who AM I?

Emily Henderson Afternoon Snack Boucle 1
image from instagram via rosemary hallgarten

I was surprised to find it in a pattern that I loved, but that broken stripe by Rosemary Hallgarten is awesome.

Emily Henderson Afternoon Snack Boucle 5
image via instagram from lidani store

These colors? YES. P.S. I found these all via Instagram by literally using the hashtag #boucle. I was on the hunt. So after a quick Google translate (the original post was in German), I learned these are from a shop called Lidani Store, but if anyone knows where to source something like this stateside, I’m interested in the rose color. It’s so pretty.

Emily Henderson Afternoon Snack Boucle 3
image from instagram via kristen giorgi

It has a ’70s Italian modern feel, which we are all very into here at EHD. Perhaps it’s the more refined older sister to sherpa which is continuing to be hot in 2020.

Emily Henderson Afternoon Snack Boucle 4
image via instagram from christophe delcourt

It seems like when and how it works is in a solid modern color, in a sleek modern shape, so no decorative details…it’s about more architectural pieces. Would it look good on a traditional wingback? I fear less so, but in these really chunky and streamlined pieces, it’s a win.

Thoughts? Were you a hater, too? Would you bouclé with me?

P.S. If you were wondering what this second super fun but random post was, I am here to say that the time has officially come…we are doing second-day posts. I’ve been wanting to do more short posts of just my design thought starters and other fun topics. When I want to debate something or see something worth talking about, I’ll pop them into a post. Sounds great, right? So me (and my awesome team) will be talking to you now twice a day (in the morning with your coffee and in the afternoon for your second coffee?) with a short, fun thought of the day. Come back every day at 11 am (PT) for a little blog snack, won’t you? Let me/us know if you are into them because I/we have A LOT of thoughts, as you know and sometimes they don’t warrant a lengthy post, so I’m like “let’s just write them and put them up and see if people are into them.” xx

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