When I purchased this fabric, I was thinking of using it to make some art wall in my bedroom. Once back home, I realized that the pattern wouldn’t match in the room. I guess I was just looking for an excuse to buy this nice fabric coupon! Not a problem, the dot pattern and the vintage colors will work perfectly for a dress. As you like the easy shirt sewing tutorial, I tried to work the same way: simple shape and easy sewing. I hope you will enjoy it!

I choose some light fabric, it looks like lycra but it’s not stretch (I can’t remember how it’s call).
I bought a 7 feet long coupon. This dress is adaptable to the length you want to wear, from mini shirt to maxi dress.

First you need to take your shoulders measurements ( aka the distance between your shoulders)
Fold the fabric in two. Mark with a pin the fabric center on the fold. Report your shoulders measurements, centering them on the fabric.

Trace a line between the shoulders measurements point and the fabric edge. Cut along the line. Repeat on the opposite side. Cut along the fold to have two trapeze shapes. Serger all edges.

In the scrap fabric, cut two rectangles, same length as the top part and 4 inches high. Serger the rectangles edges. Pin one rectangle on the trapeze top side, right side on right side. Sew both pieces together. Repeat the same on the second trapeze piece. Iron the seams.

Put the two trapeze on top of each other, right side on right side. To sew the straps of the dress, make a 2 inches seam on each side.

Grab one of your tank top to make the arm openings. Place the top on the fabric and report the shape on one side then on the other. Cut out the shape on both side.

Open the dress and fold the fabric on the arm openings. Pin them and sew them.

Put back the two dress part on top of each other and sew the edge together.

Almost done! The last thing is sewing the bottom edge. The easier, is wearing the dress and ask someone to draw the bottom line on the fabric, at the high you like to wear it. Cut a little below the line, make a fold and sew.


Put the dress on, and wear it with a belt to mark the waist!


I choose to add pockets to the dress. I had to make several attempts before to position them correctly. It wasn’t as easy as I thought.