The Raleigh, North Carolina–based studio serves up a modular collection of magnetic wall art kits, steel side tables, lighting selections, and more.

Courtney Evans and Abby Ross, the designers behind Artish, create objects that don’t fully come into their own until people use them. From their studio in Raleigh, North Carolina, they create brightly colored, powder-coated steel tables and shelves along with smaller magnetic add-ons that encourage users to add a twist of their own.

Courtney Evans (left) and Abby Ross (right) at the Art<i>i</i>sh studio in Raleigh, North Carolina.”></a></noindex></noindex><figcaption>
<p>Courtney Evans (left) and Abby Ross (right) at the Artish studio in Raleigh, North Carolina.</p>
<p>Photo by Kennedi Carter</p>
<p>“Our philosophy is that everyone is an artist or designer in some way, so we design and make products that are interactive and flexible,” says Ross. “They’re all built with the idea of movement and change in mind.”</p>
<figure><noindex><noindex><a target=The Comb Coffee Table by Art<i>i</i>sh”></a></noindex></noindex><figcaption>
<p>The Comb Coffee Table by Artish</p>
<p>Photo courtesy of Artish</p>
<figure><noindex><noindex><a target=The Tomb Coffee Table by Art<i>i</i>sh”></a></noindex></noindex><figcaption>
<p>The Tomb Coffee Table by Artish</p>
<p>Photo courtesy of Artish</p>
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