Enjoy your last month of summer with a dreamy terrace that will make you feel like one from an exotic destination. Enjoy a lazy day home and have all your friends ever for stories and a great day. So, start your perfect terrace in five easy steps:

1. Pick a fabulous theme

From a dreamy and colorful Moroccan theme, to an exotic and tropical terrace or French chic balcony space make a story around your outdoor space. Think about the length of your terrace space, if you like having friends over or just to sit in two and also think about your favorite destination you’ve been in and try to add a little of that spirit in your dreamy outdoor space.

2. Add texture and prints

These colorful and printed elements are super important to the terrace; they add structure and joy in a room and the make it look like a terrace from a restaurant or one from an exotic resort. So, after picking up the theme of the balcony, choose elements in textures and prints that match the style you want for this space and pick them for the chair pillows, the covers or the rugs.

3. Choose comfy chairs

Comfort is very important when it comes to a terrace so make sure the chairs or armchairs you pick are truly comfortable. This way, you or your guests will want to spend time more in this space and enjoy a lazy summer day. If you have regular chairs, just add extra pillows to make them more comfortable and make sure you pick dreamy pillows in the colors or style of the terrace.

4. Start your small home garden

Plants are a must for your balcony or terrace because they make this space look like nature and they bring a calm and relaxing vibe in the outdoor of your home. So, according to the style of your terrace pick a lot of small plants or go for really exotic oversized palm tree and enjoy a day home in your dreamy terrace.

5. Finish it all up with some dreamy lights

For the final touch add some magic and bring a lot of cool light around the space. Decorate the end of your balcony with lights, place them on the floor and don’t forget to add extra lamps for a Midnight summer dream vibe in this lovely outdoor space.

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