I’m not big fan of decorating seasonally, but I do like to make a few small tweaks to my home to transition to fall, and dare I say it – winter! These tweaks are not expensive or time consuming and they don’t include switching out furniture or painting. The simple design trick to transitioning to fall and winter at home is… adding layers.

Layer in a few functional, useable items into your rooms – think throws, pillows, soft floor mats, and candles in earthy, muted fall colours. It’s the same as fashion – when it starts to get colder, layer up. This little refresh makes your home cozy but still simple and understated. You don’t need to buy a bunch of seasonal decor, though sometimes a strategically placed pumpkin or squash on the table (that you can actually eat later) is lovely. 

Mimic Mother Nature’s deep muted yellows, oranges, reds and browns and stick with natural texture. Soft area rugs are a treat underfoot- think soft cotton hand-knit or jute. For cushions and throws, go for cable-knit or soft wool. Throw an extra chunky blanket or throw across the bottom of the bed. . Drape a beautiful throw over the back of the sofa or over your headboard. Stack extra blankets in a big basket in the corner. 

You can also layer in small and inexpensive hits of fresh autumn colour through bringing in branches of greenery like leaves, using colourful vases, adding candles to the mantel or shelves, candles or even hanging a new piece of DIY art in warm colours. Another idea for the wall – hang your favorite quilt that grandma made. 

One more thing to think about layering in: wood. Whether it’s through wooden candlesticks, wood bowls, a cedar stump stool, or a stack of wood beside the fireplace, nothing says fall like the warm grain of wood. 

Layering is key to a sustainable but beautiful and cozy Fall and Winter home. Just take a look below and see for yourself (click photos for sources).

The Easy Design Trick to Transition Your Home for Fall

layer up to transition your home for fall

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fall bedroom - the design trick to decorate your home for fall

simple fall home decorating

simple and natural fall tablescape

cozy fall home design ideas

Fall bedroom design

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Need a few natural items to layer in cozyness in your home? Some of my favourite sources are below, and also take a look at my Etsy Fall & Winter Cozy Board, and my Pinterest boards with my Favourite Home Products and Favourite Canadian Home Sources

sources for Fall home decor online

1. Chunky knit throw from Etsy / 2. Rattan basket from Wayfair / 3. Pillow cover from Etsy / 4. Vintage handmade wood bowl from Chance Vintage / 5. Napkins from Simons / 6.  Candle from Etsy /  7. Rug from Wayfair / 8.  Painting from Etsy / 9. Vintage wool blanket from Chance Vintage