The Delightful World of Contessa Federico

Traveling thoughtfully, you connect with both other cultures and other times. And by “connecting,” I mean you gain understanding and empathy.

While the wealthy in America are enjoying a new Gilded Age, many of the fabulously wealthy in Europe have become the formerly fabulously wealthy. From England to Greece, families with aristocratic estates are maintaining their noble titles, but find that all those fancy palaces and mansions can leave them land-rich but cash-poor. And in many cases, these still-elegant families are dealing with this financial reality like the rest of us commoners do: by finding a creative way to pay the bills. The charming Contessa (countess) and Conte (count) Federico have a delightful family and a delightful world that they now open to visitors daily. Visiting here is a favorite experience on the Rick Steves Best of Sicily tour — and I got to join up with a group today to enjoy this special slice of Sicilian culture.

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