The Coolest City Cars in 2018

The city car class is one that is fiercely competitive with many excellent models currently available. These small vehicles are ideal for those living in big cities because they are compact and easy to park in tight spaces, they have brilliant handling and are economical to keep running costs down. Although small, many of the best city cars are also highly practical with a surprising amount of interior space.

Here are a few of the coolest city cars currently available in 2018.

The Coolest City Cars in 2018

Skoda Citigo 

The Skoda Citigo has quickly become a favourite amongst those that live in urban areas largely due to the fact that it is one of the more affordable vehicles available but also incredibly practical and reliable. It also features a decent amount of interior space, returns of 68mpg with low emissions and a funky style.

The Coolest City Cars in 2018


When talking about cool city cars you cannot exclude the iconic MINI which remains a hugely popular vehicle and it is easy to see why. In addition to its cool styling, the MINI offers superb handling, an enjoyable driving performance and a comfy and practical interior. You could also find it for affordable prices when you shop at places like Peter Vardy.

The Coolest City Cars in 2018


The SEAT MII shares many of the same underpinnings as the Citigo but with a slightly sportier style. It features good build-quality and efficient engines, but be warned that due to its small size this vehicle will only seat 4 which may be an issue for families living in the city.

The Coolest City Cars in 2018

Kia Picanto 

The Picanto from Kia is a sharp looking city car with plenty of scope for customisation and in-car tech which will appeal to younger motorists. The five-door vehicle is also practical with a decent sized boot, but one of the main selling points is the seven year warranty which comes with this automobile.

The Coolest City Cars in 2018

Citroen C1 

Citroen’s impressive C1 has a cool style, great scope for personalisation and the option for a fold-back fabric roof which is ideal for the warmer months of the year. In addition to this, the C1 is also cheap to run with all models getting over 65mpg and being cheap to insure. The limited boot space is made up for with the fact that you can fold down the rear seats.

The Coolest City Cars in 2018

Toyota Aygo 

The Toyota Aygo has a striking appearance with the unique ‘X’ motif on the nose, plus there are many options for personalisation too. As you would expect with a Toyota, it is highly economical, practical and reliable with plenty of great tech inside.

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