I was getting a little tired of being at home this week so I’ve re-located to a little café by the sea. They do a great porridge (have you heard of Grod in Copenhagen which only serves porridge? – I must pop over the bridge and pay them a visit!). Admittedly it was also to escape my kitchen which is in desperate need of a make-over.  This is why I was delighted to discover Holly Marder’s inspiring new kitchen. As we know from her beautiful bedroom and studio, Holly has an entirely unique signature style, with a penchant for warm, earthy tones and natural textures. In other words, everything she touches literally turns to gold! Holly’s make-over is a lesson in combining beautiful craftsmanship and maximising use of space for a truly functional, yet calm kitchen.


Photography and design: Holly Marder / Avenue Lifestyle. 

What a fabulous space?! I love that it has a slight mid-century vibe – and everything looks so calm

I couldn’t imagine getting heated over anything here could you?  I’m thinking back to Saturday when I tried to make a chocolate meringue cake, in Swedish, with three young kids – let’s just say I’ll be sticking to cupcakes for a while! Or perhaps arts and crafts (hey, I know my strengths!).

Get the look from Holly’s lovely kitchen: custom oak door fronts by Koak Design, walnut pulls and knobs by Ware Design Works, wooden pendant light, brass kitchen rails, wall lamp.  ‘My chair‘ by Normann, the beautiful Hubsch table, ceramics by Artha

You can see the full write up and more info about the products over at Avenue Lifestyle

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Have a lovely day!