best linen bedding for any budget

best linen bedding for any budget

A few years ago I switched to linen bedding and I’ve never looked back.  There are many many benefits to linen and the biggest one has to be no ironing!  The soft creases look so aesthetically pleasing and making the bed becomes much easier too.  I love linen so much that I recently upgraded my Ikea sofa with soft white linen covers and it looks transformed.

Linen is a completely natural fabric which gets softer the more you wash it.  It’s a sustainable material which is always a good thing and it lasts for years.  While buying linen bedding can be expensive, it’s worth the investment.  Having said that, I’ve picked out some of the best places to buy pure line bedding and there is something for every budget.  While most of my picks ship internationally, I’ve also recommended places in UK, US and Europe so you don’t have to shell out on big shipping costs.

Best linen bedding for every budget

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natural linen bedding


I came across Magic Linen when I was looking for a white linen tablecloth.  I bought the tablecloth and the linen is just beautiful.  It feels so soft and drapes beautifully over my dining table.  While I haven’t bought any bedding from them, I have touched and felt the quality of their linen and it is lovely.

Magic Linen have a range of linen bedding in different colours from white and natural tones to darker, deeper colours.  They also do a grid patterned set as well as striped sets.  Based in Lithuania, they ship worldwide to over 150 countries so I’m sure your country will be on their list.  For the quality of the linen I think they offer great value for money.


best linen bedding


I recently chanced across Larusi and I fell in love with their linen bedding.  Larusi describe their linen as ‘our linen celebrates the beauty in the imperfections of life, the informality of the natural fibre, rather like the creases of human skin that become more characteristic over time.’ I love this description as it evokes the idea of something getting more beautiful over time which is exactly what linen does.

Larusi linen bedding feels super luxe and looks beautiful.  There is a limited range of colours all of which are minimal and slightly unusual.  They ship to UK, Europe and US as standard and can ship elsewhere on request.  They are the most expensive on this list but also the most luxurious.


affordable linen duvet covers


When I switched to linen bedding, I went for H&M linen duvet covers (UK readers find it here) and pillowcases.  At the time I had just renovated my home and didn’t have much budget to splash out on linen.  So I went for H&M and I can’t say anything but good things.  It may not be the absolute softest linen out there but for the price, it’s pretty amazing.  And it has gotten better and better with every wash.

H&M’s linen bedding (UK readers find it here) comes in the mutest of colours including soft greys and blushes.  The colours change every season but white and natural colours are available all year.  Right now they have some of the prettiest colours I’ve seen yet.   So if your budget is limited, H&M are definitely the best linen bedding option on this list.


white linen bedding European


Ellei Home’s linen bedding is at the luxury end and feels like a real indulgence.  Their linen bedding is made from pure Belgian linen which is some of the finest linen in the world.  And it’s made to last a lifetime so while it may feel like an investment in the short term, it will save you replacing it in the long term.

Ellei home only make linen in the purest colours like white, natural and off-white.  The idea behind this is that it’s timeless and never ages or goes out of fashion.  You can always layer on colour with throws, pillows or any other textures.  So if you’re looking for pure colours and the highest quality that lasts a lifetime, this could be the linen for you.  They ship to UK, US, some European countries and worldwide.


striped linen bedding set


Piglet’s linen bedding (UK reader find it here) is made from French linen which is a high quality linen.  They offer bedding bundles which include a duvet cover, pair of pillowcases and a fitted sheet.  There are bigger bundles too all of which are cheaper than buying the pieces individually.

Piglets bedding (UK readers find it here) comes in a range of colours from natural to dark and bright colours.  They also have striped duvet covers too.  Piglet are towards the more expensive on this list but you do get a high quality linen that will last and they still offer good value.  They ship to US, Canada and UK.

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