Eye cream is one of those skincare products that most of us are still unclear on whether you actually need. While more mature skin can really benefit from an eye cream in order to target fine lines and wrinkles—if that’s what floats your boat—it can feel somewhat unnecessary for younger skin types or people who just aren’t fussed about disguising the signs of ageing. So, can’t we just use our usual moisturisers all over our faces?

Turns out, no, not really. “A great eye cream has formula which is gentle enough for the most delicate skin on our body,” explain VENeffect founders Rebecca and Cecil Booth. The skin around the eyes is particularly sensitive, and some of the thinnest on your face, therefore it ultimately needs a special type of product to be suitable.

Booth recommends choosing “an eye treatment that is fragrance free,” in order to be gentle enough, and one that “does not roll up with makeup or irritate,” so that it can be used both morning and night. 

Application is also crucial. To apply your eye cream effectively yet gently enough, simply tap it on with your ring finger and lightly blend. You don’t need to use too much, or go too close to the eyes themselves.

So, now that we know that our delicate peepers could do with a special cream to care for them properly, which eye creams are actually worth the money?

Keep reading to check out the ultimate edit of eye creams, beloved by beauty editors, our fashion friends and some celebrity favourites too.  

A longstanding industry fave, this contains coffee bean extracts in order to instantly revive tired eyes. It also has a subtle pearly tint to brighten things up in an instant. 

Olay is known for its amazing eye creams, and this one encompasses everything you would need from an eye product, as it’s de-puffing, soothing, and brightening.

One of my all-time hero products (and one I know a lot of other beauty editors adore), this uses brightening vitamin C to drastically improve tired dark eyes. 

This uses hardworking Siberian Ginseng, and has an amazing rollerball applicator for exemplary hygiene and cooling. 

Another one of my top favourites, Clinique’s cream is the perfect morning pick-me-up, and works brilliantly under makeup.

The chosen eye cream of Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow, Goop’s eye cream has an amazing light texture”

“It somehow feels a little bit cooling, which is really fantastic,” Paltrow explained.”I dab it around my eyes and put a little on my lips. I want an eye cream to be really hydrating and lifting, but also cooling. I think we got this one right and I’m proud of it.”

Another fairly new launch, Glossier’s cream not only soothes fatigued eyes, it also can be used on dry, chapped lips. 

A great summer buy thanks to its lightweight gel texture, this feels cooling, especially after being in the fridge. 

Another cult classic that most beauty fans will have tried, this is a luxuriously rich cream that uses avocado oil to lightly moisturise. 

Amazing for sensitive skin, you can always count on CeraVe. Their affordable eye cream is just as impressive as their all-over moisturisers. 

Proving that hyaluronic acid isn’t just a key ingredient in serums, Dr Dennis Gross’ eye gel blends beautifully.

One of The Inkey List’s bestsellers, this formula (as its name suggests) uses caffeine to perk things up in an instant. 

A favourite of Lupita N’yongo, this can be used on the lashes as well as around the rest of the eye area. It comes with a brilliant wand in the lid, making application a total breeze.

Despite being rather pricey, this is a cream I can’t get enough of. It does last for ages, can be used on lips as well as eyes, and comes with a soothing rollerball applicator. 

Charlotte Tilbury’s whipped eye gel is just as magical as her Magic Cream from the same line. 

Delivering a hefty dose of energising caffeine to the eye area, this works to reduce fine lines and de-puff after a heavy night.

The priciest of the bunch, but a favourite of Margot Robbie, this deliciously luxurious cream is like a mini eye lift in a jar. 

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