Danish Norm Architects and Japanese design brand Karimoku Case Study teamed up for their fourth exciting project, called the Azabu Residence made in collaboration with designer Keiji Ahsizawa. The fine wooden furniture pieces were created as part of this complete renovation projects in a luxury apartment built in 1988 in the quiet Nishi-Azabu residential district of Tokyo.

The Azabu apartment brings Japanese and Scandinavian design together. This project arose from the shared belief in the use of natural materials and a muted, dark toned color palette. This open but cozy apartment is characterized by its tactile, soft-minimal and timeless nature. 

The Azabu project was inspired by a mid-century American and Brazilian modernism which translates into the use of warm dark natural materials and wooden wall paneling, lush carpets and tactile upholstery. I love that the apartment uses dark tones but still keeps a very cozy and welcoming feel to it.


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