The Aldi Christmas advert airs tonight – and Kevin the Carrot is back!!

But the question is will he survive another perilous Christmas adventure? Only time will tell…

Kevin the Carrot is back for more yuletide fun and games! The first airing is tonight on ITV at 5.45p.m. The humble vegetable stole the heart of the nation when he first appeared in the Aldi Christmas advert, a few years back. Overcoming adversity each year, as a nation we’re gripped by what’s next in store for Kevin the Carrot.

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One year he was almost eaten by Rudolph, but made a lucky escape. The following year he was pelted with peas, and there was a brief moment we thought he was done for. Then finally he found true love with Katie the Carrot and had a family of his own. This year he’s back and there’s already a cliffhanger…

We’re rooting for Kevin the Carrot

Kevin the carrot

This year’s adventures starts with Kevin the Carrot at the wheel of a large delivery truck. He’s hurtling along, no doubt trying to make all the carrot deliveries in time for Christmas.

Kevin the Carrot

While out in the snow, in his rather familiar looking festive truck (cough, cough), he runs into danger! He’s hit by falling snow, causing him to swerve. Narrowly missing the trees and skids on the ice. The next minute he’s precariously perched off the side of the road.

The doors dramatically fling open – there’s a danger of loosing the contents of the van, which curiously appears to be only carrots?!

Kevin the carrot

Here’s the cliffhanger! Will he be rescued in time? Will the people get their carrots? Or will the carrot cargo meet an untimely end?

He’s got to make it out, right? What about Katie the Carrot and the young baby carrots? Aldi have us hooked now, waiting for a second installment in the coming weeks.

Watch the 2018 Aldi Christmas advert here

Will Kevin be ok? #savekevin

Here’s a look at his past adventures…


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