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design by beata heuman

We try to be really good at keeping our promises. We told you in our 2020 kitchen trends post that we would be back with more trends this week, and I am pleased to give you our 2020 bathroom trends report (since it was the other favorite last year:)). Last week we talked about the dream of the “fantasy kitchen” but if you ask me, the “fantasy bathroom” is right up there. I mean it’s really too close to call because who doesn’t ALSO want a beautiful bathroom to leisurely bathe and pamper themselves silly in? So to help plan your fantasy bathroom mood board, or maybe a real mood board if you’re lucky, we have compiled nine trends that we’re banking on seeing all over the interwebs this year. Some are unexpected and some (in our opinion) are a long time coming (in a great way). Let’s put on our shower caps and see what 2020 is going to look like…

1. Color Saturated High Gloss Tiles

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends11
design by soho house los angeles | photography by sebastian boettcher

Yep, 2020 is new, colorful, AND shiny. Now, most bathroom tiles have at least a subtle sheen to them because, well, they need to be water-resistant (duh) and easy to clean (which a gloss provides). But what has not been in vogue is the super shiny gloss. Matte has been ruling for far too long and 2020 is here to stage a coup.

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends9
design by thomas walter of atlelier ordinaire | photo by amandine & jules | via domino

What is also VERY EXCITING is that bold colors are finally taking a tile stand. To be clear, we will never not love a clean white/neutral bathroom but we are also, more than ever, ready to see bold and even jewel-toned tiles. This royal blue below is so much more eye-catching than if it were a simple white and we are here for it.

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends7
design by flack studio | photography by sharyn cairns

2. Unexpected Tub Shapes

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends12
design by scarlett gowing | photo by paul raeside | via architectural digest

It can seem as though there is not a lot of wiggle room when it comes to tubs shapes. Oval and pill-shaped guys are basically it, right? To that we say not quite (rhyme not intended). This beauty above nearly stopped both Julie and I in our tracks. The footed detail somehow makes that big tub look visually light. All I want to do is jump in, relax, and enjoy what looks like an incredible view. It’s such a beautiful and modern alternative to the classic clawfoot tub.

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends20
design by sarah sherman samuel | photo by matthew williams | via domino

Now, these next two bathrooms were designed by our favorite trendsetting designer, Sarah Sherman Samuel. Both of these tubs are somehow simple yet unique at the same time. The unexpected shapes really take these bathrooms to the next level without screaming, “Hey, look how cool I am.”

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends13
design by sarah sherman samuel | photo by jason frank rothenberg | via domino

We will say though, that a round tub may not be the ultimate lounging tub due to its shape. However, it could be great for little kids since lounging isn’t their bath goal? Regardless it looks extremely cool.

3. Unconventional Double Vanities

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends19
design by chzon | photo by karel balas

Since we were just talking about unexpected tub shapes let’s keep the good times rollin’ with two new big ways double vanities are changing it up. The first is the double “single” vanity. In the Portland Project master bathroom, Emily and the design team chose to install two single vanities on either side of a door. While that looked amazing, this is not that. This is a deliberate design choice to place two single vanities next to each other instead of one vanity with two sinks.

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends25
design by reath design | photo by laure joliet

It seems like an interesting choice since you would likely lose counter and maybe some storage space. But it does look pretty cool if done right (which these two designers absolutely did). The one perk, however, is that it’s an easy way to avoid the ever sweet, “your stuff is on my side!” dispute that typically happens in bathrooms shared by siblings… or was that just me and my brother??

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends8
design by liz hoekzema of klh homes | photography by dionel fisher | via domino

The other double vanity trend we feel is on the rise and that we LOVE (if you have the space), is the double vanity island. Look how amazing this one is, designed by Liz Hoekzema of KLH Homes. It’s innovative, smart and SO beautiful. Sign me up, please!

4. Natural Stone Sinks

Emily Henderson 2020 design trends16
design by hernandez greene | photo by eric pasiecki | via architectural digest

Behold the beauty of the natural, raw stone sink. Does your heart skip a beat too?? I started seeing these pop up more and more at the tail end of last year and my little eyeballs could not get enough. While these guys are total stunners, they are likely best suited for a beautiful powder bathroom since they are such a statement and likely hard to clean with everyday use.

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends13
design by amber interiors | photo by tessa neustadt 

The design genius of Amber Interiors has been using these beauties in her recent projects as shown in these two beautiful bathrooms. They truly add so much texture to a space that you don’t need much in the way of accessories or art. They are just that visually interesting.

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends15
design by amber interiors | photo by tessa neustadt 

If this is what bathrooms in 2020 are going to be like, I am extremely happy. But to be fair, I am sure they have a hefty price tag so they will remain in my personal fantasy bathroom.

5. Wide Grout Lines

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends2
design by sarah sherman samuel

Ok, full transparency, we did talk about this trend last October in this new grout ideas post. BUT I am bringing it up again because it’s too good and important not to. This is a trend that we are betting will find a big voice in 2020 and I for one can’t wait to hear it (well, see it – sinks don’t talk).

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends21
design by bigger than the three of us

6. The Tub Nook

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends5
design by crosby studios

Let’s talk a little more about tubs, shall we? I think that if a freestanding tub isn’t your thing or you don’t have the space for one then you should highly consider a tub nook. This trend is taking the traditional tub layout and making it cozier (aka better).

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends1
design by pablo chappelli photo by ricard romain | via elle decoration nl

Aside from its initial purpose of being a place to clean yourself, a tub or bath should be a place of escape. A tub nook is exactly that, a cozy escape that looks beautiful. I now want nothing more than to feel like I am in a stylish bath cocoon.

7. Raw, Earthy Tile

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends6
design by georgia ezra | photo by amelia stanwix | via the new

I know that colorful, shiny tiles are in for 2020 but so are really natural textured tiles (with zero sheen). There is just no in-between. Just like in the kitchen trends post, these tiles are incredibly beautiful but also a bit rough to the skin if you install them on the floor. We don’t want to discourage you if it’s your dream but maybe just invest in some pretty bathroom rugs or really good, thick socks.

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends3
design by rory dobner | via drummonds

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the appeal because my eyes are in love with this look. We think it may be best in a powder room where you and your guests are likely to be barefoot less.

8. Asymmetrical Mirror & Sink Combos

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends22
design by viya home

We really love this trend even if it’s not the most practical because almost anything asymmetrical in design is good by us. It keeps things interesting for the eye. So if you are looking to create a cool moment in your bathroom why not try an asymmetrical mirror?

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends24
design by chzon | photo by karel balas | via archilovers

So when you are thinking about asymmetrical mirrors in a bathroom, there are two ways to do it. You can chose a mirror that is asymmetrical in its actual shape like the two photos above. Or you can install a regular mirror asymmetrical to the sink like in the two photos below.

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends17
design by sarah sherman samuel | photo by jason frank rothenberg | via domino

We really love this particular look because if you think about it you don’t really need to look at yourself when you are washing your hands or brushing your teeth. So placing a sink to one side and then installing a large mirror to the center of the vanity (instead of a sink) looks extremely cool and a purposeful design choice.

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends4
design by 2LG Studio | photo by megan taylor

9. Swap Out your White Seat Cover (Rental-Friendly!)

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends22
design by mark lewis interior design | photo by rory gardiner | via remodelista

Now, changing out your toilet seat cover is not a new idea but it is absolutely having a comeback in 2020. Plus it’s a great, easy, and affordable way to upgrade your bathroom (and toilet).

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends10
design by lilly bunn | photo by emily gilbert | via elle decor

This is actually something that I have been planning to do in my own bathroom because it is going to instantly change the look and feel of the space and it’s SO rental-friendly. Ideal, right?!

Emily Henderson 2020 bathroom trends23
design by heidi caillier design | photo by haris kenjar photography

If this wood seat doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will. It just brings so much depth and texture. I can’t believe I just said that about a toilet accessory. O boy, I can’t wait to see what other insane 2020 design-related things I will end up saying this year. Only time will tell.

This is where I leave you (for today, of course). These nine trends are pretty darn dreamy and once again we hope that your design imagination has been sparked because at least to us, there is nothing better. BUT what do you think? Are any of these now on your dream renovation list? Are any of them too crazy to even consider? Tell us because we love hearing your thoughts.

Love you, mean it.

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