Upgrading your home doesn’t have to entail a full-blown renovation. Heck, it doesn’t even have to involve painting a room or redecorating at all. Sometimes all you need to do is make a single swap or add one specific item. Change the throw pillows on your bed and—bam!—you have a whole different vibe. Add a tray to your coffee table, and voila, you have a new living room.

Domino editors swear by small upgrades. Not only are small changes the easiest way to freshen up your home, but by definition, they are also the cheapest. From $5 knobs to tinted lightbulbs, here are eight products that have proven their transformative powers.

Hex brushed brass knob, CB2, $4.95 each

Swapped the knobs on my closet for these brass hexagon fixtures from CB2 and literally nothing makes me happier.
– Jessica Dailey, digital editorial director

Utilitech 40 W Equivalent Pink A19 LED Decorative Light Bulb, Lowe’s, $6.38

I purchased a floor lamp because my overhead lighting is super strong and harsh, but I rarely used it. Instead, I opted to turn on my newly hung neon sign (from Brite Lite Tribe) for a nice red glow. So when I saw some tinted light bulbs at one of my favorite design stores, I knew I had to buy the pink one. The combination of the pink and red light in my living room is such fire mood lighting! All it took was switching out the light bulb to create an entirely different atmosphere. Best $6 I ever spent.
– Alyssa Clough, social media editor

Fresh eucalyptus

My apartment is essentially (pretty exclusively) whitewashed and the small pop of color that I have usually comes in the form of fresh florals or the vessels I house them in. I recently bought a bundle of eucalyptus that I keep on display on this mirror-shelf, which is mounted right beside my bed. It’s refreshingly fragrant and imparts my teeny, tiny studio with an ever-so-subtle hint of color.
– Anna Kocharian, digital editor

Variera Shelf, Ikea, $4.99-$5.99

I take decluttering guides and tips on how to stay organized very seriously. While I think there is a place for everything, sometimes, small apartments don’t provide enough space for everything. These shelves keep both my kitchen and bathroom cabinets neat and in order by helping me stack coffee mugs, pantry staples, and beauty products in a super accessible way. Without them, my glasses would definitely be chipped and my medicine cabinet would be way too crammed to open.
– Amanda Johnson, digital content strategy manager

Honeycomb Plant Mister, Anthropologie, $18

I’ve been growing my plant collection over the past few months and since most of them have been succulents and air plants, I’d been looking for a cheap watering can when I found this gem. It’s a brass, minimalist, beautiful plant mister that’s definitely affordable and worth it.

Bissa, Ikea, $24.99

Swapped my exposed shoe rack with this white IKEA shoe cabinet that was easy to make and hides all my shoes. Also doubles up as a console for my tiny minimalist studio. 
– Tracy Cho, executive director of marketing, growth, and analytics

Stone Diffuser, Vitruvi, $119

It’s pretty expensive for a diffuser, but have you ever seen a prettier diffuser in your life? It’s handcrafted out of porcelain and is meant to be seen, but also kind of disappears in my all-white bedroom. Beyond just pretty, it’s a powerhouse at aerating your essential oils using ultrasonic technology.

Swirled glass vase, Anthropologie, $28

I bought a super dark-toned vase for my dining table because I started having more dinner parties this year (blame knee surgery, but also maybe blame me getting old). Some pretty white flowers, and it’s literally the most welcoming thing when I get home from work.
– Nikhita Mahtani, digital editor

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