Victoria Beckham regularly updates and tweaks how she dresses in accordance with the release of her own collections, as she knows that as one of the most photographed women in the world she is a walking advertisement for her designs. So if red is the key colour of the season for the house of VB, that is what she will be wearing for the next six months. Despite these seasonal shifts there are certain items that will forever be the pillars of her wardrobe—and every summer there are six pieces in particular that she leans on. 

Victoria’s label is all about making getting dressed every morning easier, as her collections have a fashion edge, but are predominately built up of classics which can be easily styled and mixed together. Victoria will occasionally wear bold statement pieces, such as peep-toe knee-length boots, however most of what she wears is actually very simple and elegant, with an understated approach to luxury. In the summer she wears a lot of white T-shirts and oversized white shirts, printed midi dresses and a grown-up spin on a co-ord. Keep scrolling to see—and shop—the six perfect pillars of VB’s summer wardrobe. And no, we didn’t forget her signature sunnies. 

This VB essential is one most Brits on lean on in summer months—a printed midi dress. Stripes, florals, chain prints, you name it VB has designed and then worn it. She tends to favour more modest silhouettes with sleeves or high necklines. 

You know the feeling when it’s so hot that you wish you could wear next-to-nothing? VB has found the next best thing we her ultra-light weight trouser and shirt pyjama sets. The silky fabrics mean you’ll barely feel like you’re wearing anything. 

Victoria Beckham has seemingly created the perfect T-shirt called the ‘Victoria’—a boxy mens style tee with longer sleeves and a relaxed fit. She wears this more than anything else in summer. 

Pleated skirts are another VB summer signature, and she doesn’t just stick to classic navy and black midis. She has worn striped midis and bright colourful skirts, typically pairing them with either a white shirt or a white T-shirt. 

Victoria Beckham tends to subtly adjust her style each season to align with the aesthetic of her brand at the time, however one consistent every summer is a white shirt. She often rolls the sleeves up to give it a more relaxed feel. 

A constant in all of Victoria Beckham’s outfits, August or February, rain or shine, is a pair of black-out sunglasses. The bigger and darker, the better is VB’s rule—her own ‘Flat Top Visor’ shades are her go-to pair. 

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