If you are looking to spruce up your bathroom, adding a few decorations and plants can help bring your bathroom to life. Here are just five of the best plants for your bathroom.

Aloe Vera

If you are looking for a plant that is full of minerals and vitamins, purchasing an aloe vera plant may be the right plant for you. The gel from aloe vera can bring you many benefits and can be used as a topical treatment for insect bites, dry skin, and minor cuts and burns. However, if you decide to buy an aloe vera plant, make sure that you place it close to your bathroom window. Also, because the plant has low water requirements, the humidity of your bathroom will meet all its water needs.


Another popular plant to have in your bathroom is the begonia plant. This is because, in many climates across the world, the begonia plant must be overwintered inside, making the bathroom one of the most suitable places to do it. The begonia plant works best in fluorescent lighting; however, they can survive if they are placed on window sills too. Also, bear in mind that the plant requires regular misting or daily bathroom humidity.


The reason why bamboo plants are so popular to place in a bathroom is due to them needing very little light to grow. The bamboo plant should be placed in low light to reach its maximum potential. The plant also requires no soil. All you need to do is place the stalk into a container that is filled with water and pebbles, however, make sure that you change the water every couple of weeks. As the plant grows fast, you will need to shape it regularly.

Cast Iron Plant

The cast iron plant is known to be incredibly tough and resilient, making it perfect for your bathroom. The plant can survive on very little water, extreme heat and low light, which makes it one of the lowest maintenance plants to purchase. For best results, make sure that you place the plant in the shade and keep the plant out of direct sunlight. The cast iron plant can happily flourish in temperatures as high as 85 degrees.

Boston Fern

With its hanging fronds and frilly leaves, the Boston fern plant is another must have for your bathroom. The plant grows best when it is placed on a bathroom windowsill or in an area that receives a lot of indirect light. You will need to keep temperatures between 55 and 75 degrees, as well as lots of humidity for your Boston fern plant to thrive. Also, make sure that the soil is kept moist. If you are looking for other appliances to bring your bathroom to life, visiting websites like Simpletoilet.com can give you more information on what type of toilet will work best for you.

Each of the plants listed will thrive in your bathroom and provide lush greenery decorations to bring your bathroom to life. With so many different plants to use for your bathroom, you are sure to find one suitable for you.


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