The 10 Products Our Editors Rely On For a Good Night’s Sleep

Ask anybody you know if they’re sleeping well at the moment and I’m pretty sure you’ll be hard pressed to find one person who would give you a definitive yes. Sleep has always been a big topic but, more than ever, people are getting less sleep than ever before—and struggling to switch off entirely. Which is why today—World Sleep Day—might feel like something of a slap in the face to insomniacs everywhere.

After a night personally spent tossing and turning due to even the tiniest noise in my flat keeping me awake—and the fact that my neighbours’ boiler sounds like the engine of a jet plane—I am dedicating my morning to bringing you a round-up of the best products to aid a better night’s sleep, as approved by the Who What Wear editors.

I’m not going to claim that these are all life-changing but there’s something lovely about the ritual of spritzing a lavender pillow spray onto your bedlinen or swapping your cotton pillowcase for a silk one that marks the importance of sleep in your daily routine. Even if I can’t guarantee that you won’t still be counting sheep, these products will at least help you start to unwind after a busy day—and, who knows, you might find a serious game-changer here.

There’s nothing like a bath to help me really unwind and switch-off after a long day. (There’s something about spending a good 30 minutes away from my phone that definitely helps too.) A few drops of this potent essential oil blend does wonders to calm the senses emotionally and physically calm tired muscles. 
When I get home after work one of the first things I do is switch on my lamps, light a few candles and make sure that the ‘big light’ is most definitely switched off. Not only does it visually help me to unwind but this lavender and chamomile-infused candle from This Works provides the dreamiest, bedtime-ready fragrance too. Fans of their iconic pillow spray will love this.
On evenings when I really can’t switch off, I apply this pressed oil to my wrists and behind my ears. It smells immediately soothing but also contains passionflower oil which helps your body to naturally absorb magnesium, zinc and B vitamins—all essential for a great night’s sleep. If you wake during the night, warm a small amount between your hands and breathe in deeply to reduce the tossing and turning.
When I’m feeling really stressed-out I’ll reach for one of these self-warming eye masks when I climb into bed. They feel incredibly soothing and the subtle jasmine scent is just blissful.
I suffer from really bad hayfever at this time of the year and this really helps me breathe better at night (prime time for pollen to fall and cause all sorts of havoc). It’s also become ritualistic, I suppose.
An essential oil that is renowned for its mood-calming and relaxing benefits, Hannah opts for lavender to pair with her diffuser when she wants to aid a good night’s sleep.
Smells are so mood-shifting, and I think if you associate one with sleep then it’s bound to do the trick. This is, more importantly, absolutely delightful.
No idea if this technically makes any difference to my hair, skin or sleep patterns but, man, it feels so dreamy.
The chicest pillow spray I ever did see, Alyss uses hand-blended mist to aid a good night’s sleep. As well as lavender and chamomile it also contains rose oil to capture the scent of a country garden at dusk. The result is a therapeutic aroma that should help you to unwind and drift off a little easier.
If things like the light from a street lamp or the glow of an alarm clock are enough to stop you from switching off once you’re lying in bed then make like Alyss and try a sleep mask. This one has been specially crafted from pure silk to feel comfortable to wear—so you won’t have yet another distraction to focus on—and to create the right conditions for a good night’s sleep.