We pulled out our little paper puppet turkey this year for Thanksgiving. Miss M is having lots of fun feeding him imaginary seeds from her pinafore pocket.


I think this guy would be a great guest for the Thanksgiving table and maybe even be a pumpkin pie topper.  Perhaps I’ll even make a few little ones for all our pies. Or little name cards even. So many ideas…


Download the templates for this little paper turkey puppet here.

PaperTuketyPuppetMerMag4  PaperTuketyPuppetMerMag2PaperTuketyPuppetMerMag6MerMagOliveJuiceKidsPaperTuketyPuppetMerMag3MerMagOliveJuiceKids1

Sweetest clothing from Olive Juice Kids:

plaid skirt; ruffle colar blouse; salmon socks; velvet ribbon

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