Thank you for 100,000 Subscribers!!!

Hey guys, we want to extend the biggest thank you for helping us achieve 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. When we first started making videos, shortly after meeting each other in South Korea, we had no idea where our channel was going. We just thought it would be fun to document our weekend outings on YouTube for the sake of memories and to show our family and friends back home what it was like to live halfway around the world.

Slowly over time as we gained a bit of an audience we decided to take it more seriously and make videos more frequently. When we first started out we had no skill as filmmakers, video editors or personalities in front of the camera; however, we still had fun thumbing our way through the process. Over time we’ve upgraded our gear, learned a thing or two about editing and feel more comfortable in front of the camera. It all just takes time and practice. I guess our message for all of you is to consider pursuing the things you’ve always wanted to do but maybe put off for a variety of reasons. It is worth taking a chance and seeing what happens.

It is incredible to think today that video is what we enjoy doing the most online in terms of our work and a huge part of that is because of you guys. Without you we don’t have a YouTube channel today because it is only because of your support that we’ve been able to grow over the years. We thought we’d share some funny and cringe worthy clips from when we were first starting out for a bit of a laugh. Thank you once again for all of the support for helping us achieve 100K subscribers on YouTube 🙂

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Thank you for 100,000 Subscribers!!! Video Transcript:

Good morning guys. We are coming to you from Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

And this isn’t the type of video we would normally make but I think this is something that we want to celebrate with you guys because without your support without you following us we wouldn’t be able to present you this. Tada.

This is our YouTube plaque for achieving 100,000 subscribers. And I’m just going to show it to you. This has been sitting in our basement for a few months now because it arrived while we were traveling. We were so excited once we finally got back home and we could open this. It feels like Christmas. This is what it looks like.

When we first started making YouTube videos back in Korea it was shortly after we started dating when we were English teachers there and we had no idea like we were just doing it as a hobby at the time.

I had a cheap camcorder at the time. We went out we made really awkward videos. We didn’t have talent as filmmakers. We weren’t great on camera, we didn’t have the proper gear, we didn’t know how to edit videos.

We have so much like bad and funny old clips from like 4 or 5 years ago. You know what we’re going to stop right now and we’re going to queue some embarrassing old footage. Retro travel montage. Right now.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed watching that. I honestly I can never go back and watch old videos because I just cringe through them all.

And we want to thank you for achieving a 100,000 subscribers (100K subs) like without you guys we don’t achieve anything on this channel. Like it is easy to just look at this and think it is a number but that is like people. It is. It is real people.

You know we’ve had people come up to us and like meet us on the street and say hi and we so appreciate anyone who has ever watched our videos. Anyone who has ever subscribed.

Aside from thanking you what we also want to say to you guys is that if you have like a dream in the back of your head or like an idea you’ve been toying with for months or years and you’re like should I do it.

Just go for it. Because what do you have to lose at the end of the day? And that is what we did. We just we thumbed our way through making videos and eventually it became even more of a passion and we just you slowly learn things as you go along. I think if you are following the right path in life if there is something you really want to do it maybe awkward when you first start but over time it just like the right resources, the right skills or the right people come into your life.

Thank you so much guys. And we’ll see you in the next video with more food, more travel and more adventures.

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