A kitchen sink is not usually placed in the corner of the room. But you can try creating a corner kitchen sink by getting a cabinet which offers a kitchen sink space. Corner space is a smart space saver in a kitchen. Besides installing a corner sink, you can also create corner storage in the lower cabinet. For the corner kitchen sink, you should make sure that the sink can be installed properly in the cabinet. Here are some intelligent corner kitchen sink cabinet ideas which you can get to make use of the corner space in your kitchen.

Modified Wedge of Cabinet

Windows over the kitchen sink is a popular design move and can the owner get the best view of the outside. The modified wedge shape of the white cabinet under the corner sink creates ample that can make the workspace more comfortable.

A Corner Sink Base

It may not maximize the kitchen space, but a corner kitchen sink cabinet might be worth it if there is a view involved through the large glass windows. You also need to take advantage of every inch of your small kitchen.

Fine Corner Sink Layout

By installing a corner sink, you can put the dead space to work. Complete it with a dishwasher next to the sink. This kitchen shows a nice kitchen layout with the neutral hues.

Angled Range and Sink

In this kitchen, not only providing a corner kitchen sink cabinet, but also an angled range hood as well as the stove. Angling the wooden cabinets and the kitchen appliances create a functional work area.

Neutral Green Kitchen Cabinets

This is a nice example of a pretty neutral green option for kitchen cabinets and island color. The corner sink and the curved island are facing the large corner windows which give nice lighting at noon.

Add Cabinets Lighting

A corner kitchen sink cabinet in a small space can be more comfortable by applying recessed lighting underneath the top cabinets. It will make the workspace more visible and create a nice reflecting of the light on the backsplash.

A Corner Prep Sink

This kitchen offers an apron sink which is installed well on the corner kitchen cabinet. The French blue island makes this kitchen has a French country kitchen vibe. It really stands out in the middle of the neutral hues.

Get The Double Sink

This corner sink can maximize every inch of this kitchen. The narrow top cabinets with glass doors make the sink and countertop easier to access.

A Glam White Kitchen

If you are looking for a glamorous and chic kitchen, it can be a good example. The white hues of the cabinets, wall, and marble make a clean elegant look. The glamorous pendant lamps are installed above the white marble island.

Well-Dressed Traditional Kitchen

This traditional kitchen features a corner kitchen sink cabinet next to the large windows which can give the owner a wonderful sight. You can complete the corner sink space by adding a classic pendant lamp above it.