Crisp fall days and apple pickin’ are around the corner and here are ten delicious apple recipes I look forward to trying soon. What are your favorite apple recipes?

There are so many different apple varieties now that it is hard to keep up! This new Cosmic Crisp hybrid has been getting lots of press, have you tried it? My favorites are Honeycrisp and sour Granny Smith, yet I am on a mission to try as many apple varieties as possible this fall, want to join?


The Best Vegan Apple Crisp | Apple Zucchini + Oat Waffles | Brussel Sprouts, Apple and Pomegranate Salad | Baked Apples | Caramel Apples | Apple and Almond Cake

Four more: Buttery German Cake | Apple Cider Donuts | Homemade Applesauce | French Apple Tart



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