Farmhouse style is well-known to have a nice traditional design. Many people tend to have a farmhouse style room such as the kitchen and dining room. In a dining room, you can put a farmhouse table as it is the center of furniture items.  Although it is usually placed in traditional style house, farmhouse table can also be placed in a modern dining room or paired with modern dining chairs. The wooden material of a farmhouse table looks so antique and warm. It is also easy to decorate. Here are some farmhouse tables that you can get as one of dining room features.

A Rustic Modern Dining Room

This dining room combines rustic and modern together. The natural hues of white and brown fill this space and make a clean look. The wooden farmhouse table is completed with white cushioned chairs.

A Farmhouse Dining Room

Farmhouse tables can also be painted with nice colors. This table has solid wood top and blue legs. The legs look really cute, added with some traditional chairs in different designs. This space obviously shows the mixture of different chairs.

A Bench

You still have a chance to get a shabby look when you put farmhouse tables, you just need to add white traditional chairs, a bench, and a patterned rug. Try a bench instead of chairs on one side of the dining table to take up less room in a space.

Spacious Dining Room

Measure the space around the dining room. It can allow people to sit down and get up easily from their seats. This wooden farmhouse dining table has two rattan chairs as the host chairs and some beige covered chairs.

Corner Dining Space with Farmhouse Tables

When you have a small area in your home, you can make a corner dining space. It is a space saver trick that still can be functional and stylish. This traditional style corner offers a farmhouse table, some wooden chairs, and a built-in bench. The blue cushions make it so attractive.

farmhouse tables wooden chairs with blue cushions industrial pendant lamps white framed glass windows built in bench blue and red throw pillows

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Black and Brown

Black and brown can be a beautiful color combination for a kitchen. This kitchen has a wooden dining table and black chairs. The artwork has the same tones as the furniture pieces.

Farmhouse Tables with Modern Chairs

A unique look can be made by gathering the traditional and modern furniture items in one place. This dark blue farmhouse table is paired with white Eames chairs with chrome base.

Bright Dining Room

Striped and tufted are popular as the traditional and classic style. In this bright dining room, a classic tufted back bench is placed with pink striped chairs and a farmhouse table.

Traditional Vibe

This traditional dining room features a wooden dining table, wooden chairs with red cushion, and some pendant lamps. The light fixtures can give a nice traditional addition to the dining room.

Tufted Chair

The beige tufted chairs and the chandelier make this dining room look formal although it has a farmhouse wooden chair. It also has a beautiful chandelier.


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