Tehama Grasshopper is a surprising integration of old and new elements, of competing urban forces the industrial and residential, the private and the public. –

To reconcile these disparate concepts, the building is comprised of three stories of interlocked spaces, each with a distinct personality.

With a simple and unassuming entrance, Tehama Grasshopper externally remains true to the industrial nature of the surrounding neighborhoods. The ground floor office is utilitarian in design while the second floor living area is open, with clear glass panes throughout. The connection between interior and exterior is the ultimate celebration of urban living which is why the third-floor penthouse offers breathtaking views of the city skylines.

The airy penthouse addition is the centerpiece of the design. The geometry of this sculpture object is a deliberate contrast to the grid of the existing concrete structure, like a grasshopper settled lightly on the building’s surface.

Master bathroom


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