Your home is a safe haven, a place where you can relax and enjoy time with family and friends. Protecting your home is an integral part of being a homeowner. Thanks to the technology age, protecting your house and enjoying home life has never been easier.

From smart appliances to robot cleaners, there are numerous new technologies you can use for your home. Get a home warranty to protect your devices and systems to ensure you’re covered when things go awry.

Technology You Never Knew You Needed for Your Home

Owning a home is a big part of many peoples’ lives, so protecting it and the loved ones inside it is essential. The following smart tech products for your home will ensure your house and everything inside is safe and thriving.

Security Camera

From Ring cameras to Nest systems, home security cameras are becoming a hot commodity among homeowners. A camera connected to a smartphone app will notify you when someone’s at your door. You can even record a video to share later.

Security cameras provide an extra level of comfort and safety. You’ll know if someone approaches your front door when you’re not home. You can even see where the delivery man leaves a package.

Smart Security Systems

Go a step further than a camera and get an entire smart security system. Systems like Novi come with cameras, sensors, and other monitoring systems to ensure every inch of your house is covered. The system will monitor movement and doors and windows and notify you of any suspicious activity. You can even call the police from the app if needed.

Real estate agents can use a smart security system to increase a house’s value. Potential buyers will marvel at the idea of enhanced security, whether they’re home or not.

Keyless Door Lock

Are you tired of fumbling in your bag for your keys or want extra security when you’re away? A keyless door lock can deadbolt your door whenever you’re gone, and you can unlock it with a phone app. Leave your phone at home? Some keyless door lock systems can use your fingerprint.

Smart Thermostat

Save energy and make your home more comfortable with a smart thermostat like the Nest Learning Thermostat. The thermostat learns how warm or cool you like your house to be and builds a schedule to adjust the temperature itself.

They also monitor the HVAC system and can catch issues before they become a significant concern. A smart thermostat can also send you maintenance alerts. The best part? Everything about your smart thermostat is adjustable using a smartphone app.

Smart Home Hubs

The Amazon Echo and Google Home are two famous examples of smart speaker systems. You can install them to play music, set appointments, and even turn smart lights on and off. The Amazon Echo can listen for breaking glass or alarm systems and notify you of suspicious activity in and around your home.

If you’re on the fence about getting a smart speaker system, here are a few more things they can do if installed to work with your smart home system:

– Send Text Messages
– Lock/Unlock Smart Locks
– Change Thermostats
– Turn on the TV
– Make Coffee

Even real estate agents can benefit from knowing and using smart home systems. They can demonstrate how it works to potential buyers and increase sales.

Wallflower Appliance Monitoring

Wallflower is a smart monitor that will protect you and your home from fires and disasters caused by appliances in the house. You can easily install a Wallflower Smart Monitor behind your stove, oven, or range.

It will beep and send a notification to your phone when the stove or oven turns on – and when you forget to turn it off.

Robotic Appliances

The robotic appliance craze began with robotic vacuum cleaners that twirled across the floor. They’re still popular in high-tech homes looking for an easy way to keep the floors clean. Modern robot vacuums can be scheduled to clean at certain times, and they’ll automatically
return to their hub to charge.

You have a robot vacuum inside, but what about your lawn? There are now robot lawn mowers that can cut the grass for you. These machines use GPS and WiFi to move and pivot around your yard, and you can control it from the palm of your hand with your phone.

Package Locker

Protect your home with a security system, and protect your deliveries with a package locker. Smart lockers come with a digital lock and a physical key. Delivery people can drop off your package, and the box will lock until you’re ready to pick up your parcel.

Smart Blinds

Smartphone-controlled blinds make it easy to raise and lower your blinds from anywhere in the world. You can set a timer to raise them as you wake up in the morning or lower them when you leave for work.


Protecting and enhancing your home with top-of-the-line technology can make you and your family feel safer and more comfortable. Consider protecting your high-tech appliances and systems when you get a home warranty that will ensure your home thrives for years to come.

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