Tapestry crochet has many names. It is sometimes called jacquard crochet, intarsia, mosaic, fair isle, and colorwork, but today these terms usually describe different techniques. Since the yarns are switched back and forth to create motifs, tapestry crochet pieces look more like they were woven on a loom than crocheted with a hook. 

One designer that has masterful creations employing this type of crochet is the Finnish pioneer of modern crochet – Molla Mills.

Molla found the world of handicrafts when she was a kid. Her carpenter father showed her how to do woodwork, and her mother, who made all kinds of crafts from upcycling to bead work, let Molla use her sewing machine to make clothes at the age of 13. Molla’s grandma, a very talented seamstress, always made sure that the seams were straight in Molla’s self made creations. Being surrounded by DIY lifestyle the future was clear; Molla had to learn more, make more and eventually teach all this to others.

She is winning the world with her hypnotizing and mesmerizing geometrical patterns.

There is a free pattern for this bag in the 4th issue of Sewing Box Magazine. 
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If you like Molla’s work, follow her amazing adventures in crochet on instagram.  

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