Swimming in a Cenote

Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula is flat as a tortilla and blanketed with a thick jungle. Surveying the landscape from the top of a Mayan pyramid, the only bumps on what looks like a vast green carpet are unexcavated Mayan pyramids. The land is honeycombed with sinkholes, called “cenotes,” that are filled with crystal-clear fresh water. Some are like pristine lakes, surrounded by lush vegetation. Others are in dramatic caves, lit by sunrays streaking through holes in the natural ceiling.

A highlight of any Yucatán adventure is to swim in a cenote. I was here 30 years ago, and my memories of a cenote swim were so dreamy, I had to see if they could actually be as ethereal as I remembered. In this clip, I visit a cenote again with my family.

Find out more about my trip to the Yucatán on my blog: https://blog.ricksteves.com/blog/tag/yucatan.


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