Sweet Pea – The tiniest tomatoes you’ve ever seen in your pot or garden

We love tomatoes and we love the traditional varieties. How small do you think these tomatoes are? See how small they look in my hand.

We instantly fell in love with this delightfully tiny tomato. Its miniscule leaves, flowers and ¼ inch, ruby red fruit are the teeniest we’ve seen. Deceptively big on sweet, currant flavor, they are a treat in salads, as a garnish or right off the plant by the handfuls! Sweet Pea is a charming, indeterminate plant with a low, spreading habit that lends itself to container living and especially to hanging baskets.

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How popular can the unknown traditional tomato varieties be? They come in every amazing color, size and shape. There are completely strange traditional tomato varieties on Earth. Unfortunately most are completely unknown to the world. Thus, we are accustomed to eating the varieties that are most commercially beneficial to farmers.

I do not think tiny tomatoes could easily swell in the market. Even if they were planted by a farmer, their price would certainly be diametrically opposed to their size. Think about how expensive cherry tomatoes sell and multiply it several times.

You must have never seen such  tomatoes in your life and it is almost unlikely that you have even eaten them. I had planted them a few years ago out of curiosity and I laughed when I saw them…. grow on tomatoes. They looked more like peas than tomatoes. And yet they were tomatoes, with a tomato flavor. They were just dwarfs and would need the entire production of the plant to make a salad. You will probably need to produce a lot of plants to make your salad now that I think about it better.

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See how small they look in my hand. It is on the verge of comedy. These tomatoes are called Sweet Pea and their size usually does not reach even 1 cm. They grow in bunches like grapes, although the grapes are larger than these tomatoes. You can buy seeds from abroad if you want to grow them, it is an easy plant and starts to produce after about 2 months. The plant looks more like a bush so do not cut its side branches as it grows because it will not produce enough.

Because I know you will ask me let me answer from the beginning.  Where to find them? You are more likely to find them online from abroad. Like I said before, they are called Sweet Pea.










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