This unusual looking home recently completed by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter sits on a promontory on the small island of Krokholmen, in Stockholm’s outer archipelago. The owners wanted a maintenance-free vacation retreat with plenty of social spaces for family gatherings.

“The tent-like room and silhouette of the house connects to the idea of the least complicated way to spend time in nature, but it is also inspired by the older Swedish pavilion and gazebo architecture, light buildings carefully placed in the landscape,” the architects said. “The results often have a flavor of easy going summer life, yet sometimes surprisingly grand in their expression.”

The construction and interior finishes are made almost entirely out of wood, with the exception of a steel girder that distributes the load above the main facade. Large expanses of glass allow natural light inside.

An open plan living area with integrated kitchen and dining faces the water’s edge. “The horizontal openness of the main space out towards the sea is balanced by its verticality, an internal ridge height of 6 meters (18 feet),” the architects added. The bedrooms, bathroom and storage areas open up to the forest on the west side of the property. Photography: Åke E:son Lindman

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