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Located in Blueys Beach, Australia, this vacation home by Bourne Blue Architecture blends in with the simple weathered structures in this coastal village. The retreat sits on a gentle slope neighbored by grasslands and forested hills, and connects with its natural environment.

Durable materials, sustainable features and an unpretentious look were the main requests of the clients. A high level of privacy is ensured from the street side, while the opposite facade opens up to the decks and courtyards. Two angophora trees and some cabbage palms were retained on the property, providing shade and positive vibes.
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“The building is essentially two elements — one for sleeping, one for living,” the architects say. “A roof form zigzags over the volumes, creating a cohesive whole. Much of the living space on the site is actually outside the buildings, in the courtyard or on the decks.”

Sustainable features of the vacation home include heavy insulation for walls and ceilings,  rainwater harvesting, birch plywood linings and joinery, and heat-pump water-heating technology. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the retreat in natural lighting throughout the day, minimizing the need for artificial sources. [Photography by Shane Blue] modern house (1)modern house (4)modern house (5)modern house (6)modern house (7)modern house (8)modern house (11)modern house (12)modern house (13)modern house (14)modern house (19)modern house (20)plans


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