Studio Ben Allen completed the design of a creative playroom for two children inside a London apartment. The owner of the flat needed an interactive space where his kids could do their homework, play and sleep.

“Inspired by the painting St Jerome in His Study by Antonello da Messina, our departure point was to create an installation that is as much a small piece of architecture as it is a piece of furniture,” the designers said. Called A Room for Two, the project consists of a plywood structure inside the bedroom, featuring archways, steps with storage and a fold-down desk.

The installation was partially fabricated in the studio and split into five elements that would fit through the Barbican-style door. This considerably reduced the amount of time spent assembling the plywood on site.

The children can enjoy time together inside the intricate room, but can also do activities independent from one another. Arched entrances of different heights provide access to the bunk beds and work area. Shelving units are cleverly hidden inside the plywood structure and shoes can be placed below the stairs. The playroom connects to the terrace, which enhances the fun. Photography by Michael Sinclair.

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