Studio Geometrium completed the design of an industrial apartment with a masculine feel in Kotelniki, Russia. This space was specially adapted to meet the needs of the owner, a man with a passion for sports and healthy living.

As you step inside, you notice the unconventional layout of this home. The bedroom is located in the middle of the apartment, separated by a glass partition and thin metal columns. Except for the hallway and bathroom, which are strictly divided, the rest of the living areas blend together in an open space.

The designers also “added” the balcony to the room, by transforming it into a casual space for relaxation. In the kitchen, there is a practical bar-style table, large enough for intimate gatherings with friends.

Natural slate tiles are used throughout the apartment, from the kitchen to the hallway and bathroom. The vertical walls feature clinker bricks for a genuine industrial atmosphere, while the ceiling showcases concrete slabs. This dynamic merger of materials and textures leads to surprising contrasts, popping up as you move your attention from one corner to another. Photography by Geometrium DSGN.

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