Surly Goodness and Coffee in Vienna

It’s Day 68 of my 100-day trip to Europe, and I’m in Vienna. I’ve been all over this city, inhaling every detail I can — and taking notes on everything. My mission: to help your next visit to Vienna be meaningful, economical, efficient, unforgettable, and wildly fun.

Facing a morning of writing for the next edition of the Rick Steves Vienna, Salzburg & Tirol guidebook, I was going to get some work done in my hotel room or at the busy Starbucks on the corner. But then I thought, “Wait a minute! I’m in Vienna, home of a café culture that’s designed to let creative thoughts and caffeine work together in elegant, timeless splendor.” So, I grabbed a window table at the neighborhood hangout, Cafe Tirolerhof. 

In this clip, I share a few café skills. I’m excited about the practical skills those who read my book will enjoy next time around. Working with 5th edition to make a better 6th. Happy travels.

You can always find the most recent edition of the Rick Steves Vienna, Salzburg & Tirol guidebook right here:



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