The beautiful days are setting in, and watering in the garden becomes more and more critical. Indeed, if in winter the water supply must be reduced or even stopped, in summer watering becomes essential! But how do you water your plants when you go on vacation? Is it better to favor watering early in the morning or instead in the evening? Should we choose manual or automatic watering? Here are 5 ways to water the garden according to your needs.

1. During the holidays

After so much effort in growing and caring for your plants, it would be a shame to abandon them once you have gone on vacation, especially if it is only for a few days. Also, with the vacation budget, you may not have planned to include an automatic sprinkler system. Do not worry; a few tips from a grandmother can compensate for the lack of watering. Start by laying a thick enough mulch at the feet of the plants to keep the soil cool and prevent water from evaporating.

You may also make a drip system by filling a bottle with water and piercing the stopper before driving it into the ground.

Otherwise, the place was near the plants in your kitchen garden. These terracotta pots, once filled, release water little by little for about two weeks.

2. Drip irrigation

One of the best sprinkler systems is drip irrigation. Indeed, this one brings what it needs to the plant while passing at the roots’ level. It helps prevent certain garden diseases such as mildew since the leaves are not affected by humidity. It is also programmable, so no water loss or waste.

3. Automatic watering 

There are different automatic watering systems. We can cite the oscillating sprinkler, the circular sprinkler, or the cannon sprinkler. Sprinkler waterings are generally intended for large areas such as garden lawns. They can be placed on the surface but also buried.

Most are programmable, which allows you to water your plants ideally without the risk of putting too much or not enough water.

4. The garden hose

The garden hose is a manual watering, but it is still an efficient system when you have a lot of plants. You won’t have to walk back and forth from your veggie plot to your flower garden to get to the tap. Most hoses have adjustable pressure levels, allowing you to adapt the watering to each of your plants.

5. The watering can

Finally, we couldn’t finish without the traditional watering can, a gardener’s essential! It may not be practical for a large garden, but it is ideal for indoor plants, terraces, and balconies. If you can, leave your watering can outside, on your patio, for example. Thus, it will fill with rainwater, and you will save water. To avoid fungus, avoid touching the leaves of your plants while watering.

On hot summer days, it’s preferable to water your plants in the evening to avoid the water evaporating.

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