The walk-in closet is at the very core of a well-organized home. It’s probably the area where space is optimized as best as possible and where storage is maximized in the most practical ways. Of course, the size and proportions of this space are important and the preferred style and the storage needs of the users matter as well. All of these elements form the base for the design and the structure of the walk-in closet. We have a bunch of walk-in and open closet ideas that we’d like to share with you today in the hopes that they’ll inspire you.

There’s really no point in hiding the shelves and clothing racks behind doors so an open closet design is usually preferred. It makes organization easier and makes the items more easily accessible. The walk-in closet created by McClean Design for a residence in Los Angeles is a good indicators of all we’ve mentioned so far.

We’ve seen a lot of walk-in closets that are packed full with drawers, lots of shelves and cabinetry and while they are definitely practical in their own way they can make a space feel very small and cluttered. For this home in California, McClean Design chose a more open and airy look. The walk-in closet is spacious and the design is minimalist. The color palette is based on warm and elegant tones.


Even if the space is small, there’s still much you can do with it if you decide to use it as a walk-in closet. Check out this design created by Cecconi Simone Inc.. for a home in Toronto, Canada. It’s small but very well-organized and, despite the dark color palette, quite airy and elegant. It’s simple and at the same time sophisticated.

A common design strategy for walk-in closets is to make the space look symmetrical. Check out this one for reference. It’s the closet of a home from Beverly Hills, California. It’s a rectangle-shaped space, with clothing racks and drawers on both sides. The symmetry gives it a familiar and welcoming look.

Lighting is important in the design of a walk-in closet, especially since most usually lack windows. We find the design approach used by Central De Arquitectura for this home in Mexico. The closet is large and well lit by the ceiling fixtures and this ensures a comfortable ambiance inside. Another strategy often used to make rooms seem bigger and brighter is centered around mirrors.


An interesting strategy meant to bring more light into the space and to make it look elegant and sophisticated is to display a chandelier somewhere in the room. Look how stylish the design turned out for this home in New York. The neutral color palette, the glass shelves and the light wood flooring all lead up to an elegant and modern decor.

You don’t have to limit yourself to drawers, shelves and other storage options when there’s much more you could include in your walk-in closet. For instance, you could have a makeup vanity somewhere in the room or you could add an island and even some sort of seating. This approach by KB Design can be a good place to start if you’re looking for inspiration.

When designing this residence in São Paulo, Studio Guilherme Torres made sure to maintain a minimalist approach and they applied this strategy everywhere, including this walk-in closet. The fact that there’s a window in here is definitely a very cool feature. What we like about this design in particular is the fact that it’s warm and welcoming in spite of the minimalist, white0based color palette.

A large mirror can be both practical and style-conscious in the sense that you can use it to make a small walk-in closet seem bigger and brighter as well as to emphasize certain decor elements such as a view or a beautiful light fixture. Artistic Designs for Living did a great job in this sense.

Everything the user needs is on one side of the room, leaving the opposite side open. We’re talking about a walk-in closet designed by Studio 1408 for an apartment in Bucharest, Romania. The dark, deep colors create a sophisticated ambiance and the long and narrow layout is emphasized through furniture and lighting fixtures.

A window can make a huge difference in a walk-in closet. The simple fact that there is an opening to the outdoors and a source of natural light in here makes the whole space seem a lot more welcoming than one that’s closed off and only has artificial lighting, even if the fixtures are stylish. This was a design by Ando Studio.

There are many impressive things about this residence in Beverly Hills, LA. One of them is a double-height entry foyer with a dramatic globe chandelier and another is this amazing walk-in closet – bathroom combo. This is a hybrid space with two distinct zones linked into a single open. plan area. The furniture and fixtures are sophisticated and eye-catching, giving the room a refined look.

This residence from West Hollywood, California is defined by eye-catching furniture pieces and artwork and you can even see that here, in the walk-in closet. There’s the usual shelves and storage spaces clustered at the end of the room and an oversized piece of art on one of the walls, facing a stylish dresser.

Dark colors are usually avoided when decorating small spaces and yet black was chosen by the team at Taipei Base Design Center for this flat in Taiwan. Instead of trying to bring more light into the space and to make it look bright and breezy, the designers chose a different strategy and gave the space a cozy decor with a touch of drama and sophistication.

The chandelier is definitely the focal point of this walk-in closet. Its intricate and sculptural design is reflected onto the ceiling and onto the shiny surface of the island/ dresser unit. The chandelier is also a source of color for the space which is featuring a palette based on neutrals. This is a design created by De Brouwer Binnenwerk for a penthouse apartment in Amsterdam.

There’s not much you can do with an attic space, especially one with a slanted roof. Attic bedrooms are cozy although pretty small. TG-STUDIO chose to turn the attic of a residence they designed in London into a walk-in closet space. It’s a very practical idea and a really good use of a difficult area and layout.

We like the idea of an island or some other sort of furniture piece placed at the center of a walk-in closet. This is possible only with certain types of layouts. Consider having open shelves and clothing rods along the walls and a drawer unit at the center for all the small accessories.

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