Long time readers of this blog might know I always get inspired when I see great small studio homes. Many of us live in cities, where only small homes are affordable and it’s crucial to design a studio home in such a way that it’s comfortable, inviting and fulfils all the functions one might need.

The beige linen curtains* frame the windows going wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling and the sofa area (which also functions as a bed) is separated visually from the dining area by the use of the cozy area rug in cream. The small dining area with the two chairs in black is enhanced by the gallery wall in beige and black and the same color palette comes back on the sofa as well which has been decorated with a mixture of beige, black and white in the pillows*. The graphic tufted pillow* matches this color palette especially well I think.

The kitchen has been built into a niche that seemed to have been already there. and I love that the sink area is inside the niche, while as the other side of the kitchen is extended beyond the confinements of the niche. The wooden open shelving is perfect for displaying pretty decorations and I love that the black and white palette comes back here as well.

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Janne Olander for Stadshem

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