A theme isn’t necessarily something we think of when we decorate a space like the living room or the kitchen. It is, however, an important detail when decorating a child’s room. In fact, these spaces are rarely decorated without using a theme Most kids’ room ideas revolve around themes such as characters from cartoons or stories, nature or fantastic creatures. A kid’s room decor is usually colorful, fun and playful although there are also themes that are more focused on a serene and peaceful environment. Check out the following ideas for inspiration.


All those tales about pirates and their adventures at sea can definitely be appealing to kids so a pirate-themed boy’s room decor is actually a pretty common idea. Furnish it with a bed shaped like a boat, a treasure chest for storing toys and a lot of other cool things like even a playhouse with a straw roof or a desk that looks like a shark.

Disney Frozen

A lot of kids are crazy about everything Frozen-themed these days as the movie became very popular very quickly. This is a theme that’s most popular with girls and it’s pretty easy to adapt when decorating a bedroom. A canopy bed is, of course, a must have for every princess and to that you can add thing like themed wallpaper or framed wall art and a pastel color palette based on shades of blue and turquoise.


This is actually a classic among kids room themes. This unusual superhero is loved by both kids and adults and there’s a multitude of themed products to choose from when decorating a space, from bedding to furniture, wallpaper, light fixtures and more. Blue and red and the main colors you should use in such a case.


Nautical-themed decors are very stylish and versatile. They’re often used when decorating summer homes and beach houses and they’re even popular among the little ones. A boat-shaped bed is just one of the many interesting things you can use in such a room. The color palette is the most important aspect. Use blue in combination with white and the occasional accent color. A sailor-themed decor can even be one of the baby room themes you can opt for.


The universe is fascinating and as a kid there’s a lot to learn and to discover. A space-themed room decor can be very inspiring as well as very fun considering you can have all sorts of cool things in there, like rockets, planes, themed wall decals and an appropriate and suggestive color theme.


Remember Thomas the Tank Engine? The series is definitely something else, steering away from the usual superhero characters and turning trains into animated characters. Trains are actually very interesting and fun, especially the toys that run on circuits which you can build and shape yourself. It’s a really fun thing to do even as an adult. For the kids, trains can be a wonderful design theme. Just look at all these cool things you could put in the room.


Treehouses belong in the backyard unless it’s not really a treehouse you have a mind but a playhouse/ bed combo for the kids’ room. The theme is fun and easy to adapt. It’s even something you can do yourself. You can add some extra boards to an existing bunk bed frame to create the house shape. The rest is just a bunch of details.


Speaking of treehouses, how about a rustic little house-shaped shell built around the bed so the kids can feel like sleeping in a cozy cottage? This is a rather general theme so you can also materialize it in other ways. For example, you could have a barn=themed decor with farm animals, trees and other things.

Trailer Camp

As an adult, it’s fun to go on adventures, to get in your car, attach a trailer and explore the world. As a kid, you can have fun with a trailer-themed room decor and let your imagination run wild, in all the places you want to explore.


There’s something about cars and races in general that attracts us even from a young age. Having a room furnished with a race car bed and other themed elements is cool and fun, this actually one of the most popular ideas when it comes to kids’ room furniture and decorations.


Music is something that defines a person from a certain point of view so it’s not unusual to use this as a theme for a room’s decor. Actually, we’ve all probably had a period when we decorated our rooms with posters of favorite musicians. As a kid, it takes a bit of time to find a genre or style that defines you but when you do all you want is to fill your room with related things.


This would have to be one of the more general themes so there’s plenty of room for interpretation in this case. It’s a theme which can be applied in a lot of ways and a lot of cases. Even in a teenage girl’s room this wouldn’t be an unusual decor idea. In fact, a lot of design possibilities come to mind just by picturing the space.


For your little princess you could come up with a room decor centered around the idea of royalty. The room could have a canopy bed, a chic little vanity with an ornate mirror and all sorts of other features such as long curtains, a large chest for storing toys and wallpapered walls.


Beach houses have this incredibly breezy and relaxing feel which can be quite easily recreated anywhere else. It’s a theme that doesn’t require a lot of custom elements. The color palette and the materials and textures are the most important things. It’s then up to the little things to create the right ambiance. You can have the kids display their collections of rocks and shells collected from the beach to solve this issue.

Stylish Pink

A color can be a theme in itself. Pink, for instance, is pretty popular with little girls. The options are basically endless. You could have the walls painted pink or you could put in some pink furniture. The bedding, the area rug, the curtains and other similar things can also be a source of color.


A style, a look or a design direction can also be a theme for a space. For instance, you could aim for a glamorous or a luxurious look in which case you should use colors such as red, purple or neutrals and rich textures combined with metallic finishes and accents. A lot of things can help achieve this look. For example, consider a tall tufted headboard, a canopy bed or some golden accents.

Rich colors

The colors you use in a room’s decor have a big impact on the ambiance created in the room and its look and character in general. Kids tend to prefer rich and vibrant colors and you can definitely work with that. Just look for colors that also look refined if you want to create a decor with a more grown-up, sophisticated feel.


This is a chic and interesting theme which you can tackle when decorating the kids’ room as well as your own bedroom. The idea is to create this urban look with exposed bricks on the walls, cityscape views and other similar things. You can improvise with some wallpaper.

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