Its with a mix of immense sadness and pride that I write this post. Two years after announcing we were starting Styling The Seasons Katy and I have decided to finish the project. Its been incredible, we have nearly thirty thousand posts our the instagram hashtag (#stylingtheseasons) and six hundred blog posts – wow (you can see them all on our Pinterest board
Personally I’ve learnt so much about photography, my home and how I live my life through taking time each month to reflect what it means to me. I know, quite possibly for the rest of my life, I will continue to celebrate the seasons and reflect them in my house – one of the greatest joys over the past two years has been to take notice of how the seasons change. 
When we started Styling The Seasons Katy and I were both in different places, Katy had just left her day job to blog full time and I recently dropped a day in my (dull) office job to concentrate on setting up workshops and get more creative fulfilment into my life. Our directions have changed again, I’ve decided not to return to my office job following maternity leave and Katy has her own adventures ahead. 
It’s been an amazing two years – a huge thanks to my wonderful co-host Katy, all the brands we’ve worked with and most importantly to every single one of you who have shared the stories of your homes and inspired with such energy and creativity. You’ll never know how much it has meant reading all your posts. Before I start crying into my coffee here are my highlights… 
Crafting The Seasons – we hosted a magical afternoon at Liberty with all our original Styling The Seasons Bloggers. It is still one of my best days. 
Spring Wreath Making Workshop with at {mine} and Bloom and Wild – Following the success of Crafting the Seasons we held another blogger event where we made beautiful Spring Wreaths. Its was such a pretty day and full the most beautiful flowers and it was great to meet so many monthly participants. 
Working with brands – We had some great competitions along the way, working with Loaf, Holly’s House and Makelight. My favourite collaboration was with Laura Ashley all the posts showed so much imagination I was (and still am) humbled by all the effort that went into each post – who knew you could do so much with wallpaper?! 
January – of all the months I learnt that January is my favourite. Maybe its the feeling of starting over, the promise of spring or maybe its just because every one of January’s posts were just gorgeous?! You can see all the posts here –  January 2015, January 2015 review, January 2016, January 2016 review
Of course Styling The Seasons won’t be stopping completely the hashtag will live on and you can still write Styling The Seasons posts whenever the mood takes you. I hope you have enjoyed reading and taking part as much as I have, its been an experience to treasure. Thank you once again for supporting this amazing project, lots of love xxxxx