Where to start with this gorgeous home which is such a great source of inspiration. This beautiful home is housed in an old station building and every single corner is designed to perfection if you ask me. The house has so many different rooms and every single one of them has its own look. The looks work well together when you look from one room into the other, but add so much variety to the interior as well.

The downstairs living and dining room has these beautiful chevron wall panelling on the walls, which really stand out and warm up the interior in combination with the hardwood flooring. The giant tree in front of the window makes the dining area look very impressive and the multitude of muted colors make this room pop in a sophisticated way.

From the living area, you can walk into the kitchen, where you are greeted with a pale green and blue palette and brass finishes. The cupboards seem to have been custom built and the island in the middle has been made out of a vintage piece, to which a marble top was added. The same color of blue was used to paint the vintage built-in cabinet in the hallway where a different type of brass handles decorate the doors.

Going up the stairs, you can find three bedrooms and an additional living room, which has been decorated in a gorgeous color palette with a bright green couch, brown corduroy armchairs and blue-green walls. The bedrooms have been decorated more modestly and I like the one with the vintage dresser the most. I love the way it has been paired up with the large mirror above it, which reflects the entire room.

Lastly, even the bathrooms have been designed to perfection in this beautiful house. The one underneath the roof has a full bath tub, tiles going up the angled walls and a vanity to sit and do makeup. The smaller bedroom has been painted in the same blue color as the kitchen cabinets and I love the way the brass details are coming back here as well.

via Historiska Hem

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