When talking about winter weddings, ideas just flow, there’s so much you can work, that you must be careful not to get overwhelmed. A baby step at a time. Let´s start with your bridal shower. A winter wedding needs an excellent winter bridal shower so you and your best friends can get all the bridal mood.

Whether you choose an all-white bridal shower, (it’s the hottest trend right now and looks like a winter fairy-tale) or a traditional Christmas theme, very cozy and comfy, especially if you add rustic or retro touches. Prepare hot cocoa, tea, and donuts and go outside to play snowballs!

Food And Drinks

Make your guests feel all the coziness with some Christmas-Winter snacks. Don’t forget to serve some hot cocoa, tea, peppermint coffee, and chocolate chips cookies. Set all-Christmas goodies with some of the most popular Christmas sweets, and your favorites of course.

Create a cool dessert table, with a pecan pie, hot chocolate, white macarons, donuts, and a huge red velvet cake on the center or a couple of small cakes. All frozen white, all green and red, or golden silver, just stay constant with the colors you choose.

Get inspired by more ideas below! You can also try bundt cakes that have always been traditional for Christmas.


Choose a theme or a color scheme for your winter bridal shower and bring winter and holiday touches to space. Dress up your table with a knit table runner, an evergreen one with pinecones, you can skip florals or go for bright holiday ones. Use wood slices instead of placemats, add cinnamon bark, ferns, greenery, and other natural touches. Try frozen looks with white cutlery, porcelain and vases and pots or go bold and cozy with copper mugs and cutlery and natural decorations. Add blankets and shawls to the chairs to make the girls feel cozy.


What to wear to a winter bridal shower? It depends on the style and theme of your shower and your own style – do you want it more formal or non-formal? Try a white lace pencil skirt with a top or a sweater, a stylish minimalist white dress, a pleated midi with a top and blush heels, go for some sequins to add holiday sparkle to your look. If you need more inspiration, get over here.



What to give to your gals as favors? There are tons of easy ideas! Snowflake soaps, macarons with snowflakes and snowmen, hot cocoa mixes in jars, mini alcohol bottles and even mini Christmas trees. Turn on your imagination to make some fun favors!

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Stunning Winter Bridal Shower Ideas4

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Stunning Winter Bridal Shower Ideas3

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