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This charming stone house located in rural Portugal was in need of an upgrade. Architects Nuno Brandão Costa took on the challenge of renovating and extending the building in Melgaço, a village in Viana do Castelo District.

“The powerful landscape and the character of the existing ruin suggested an extension to the house like a timeless construction, with no defined boundaries, but limited by the local materials,” the architects said. “The addition is an underground body which lets in natural light through the opening of a courtyard to the east.”
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The developing team widened the original façade with granite stone collected from a broken-down neighboring building. A lounge area and three bedrooms are located on the lower level, within the newly built addition. The dining and cooking areas are connected by an interior staircase. A minimalist design draws attention to the genuine materials, as well as to the surrounding landscape.

The concrete canopy to the east is used for car parking and wood storage; the property also comes with a swimming pool and outdoor kitchen. We feel inspired by the genuine character displayed by this stone house in Portugal. How do you find it?  [Photography by André Cepeda]house made of rock (3)

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