When you want to create a living room space with some main features, you need seating and a table. You can get a sofa, couch, and some chairs for seating. A coffee table can also be placed in order to complete the living room. You can serve welcoming drink and snack for your guests on it. There are any coffee tables you can choose. One of the unique and stylish coffee tables is a round pedestal coffee table. This table has one leg in the center and round shape top that will make your living room more spacious. Here are some stunning round pedestal coffee tables that will complete the seating space in your living room.

A Contemporary Living Room

A contemporary living room can be a colorful room but still minimalist. This room has a blue sofa, blue armchairs, a round pedestal coffee table, colorful throw pillows, and a small round rug. You can also put some decorations on the coffee table.

A Knoll-Saarinen Round Coffee Table

A Knoll-Saarinen Round Coffee Table is famous for its simple design and color. This coffee table can suit both dark or bright living room furniture pieces. This small living room doesn’t go with many colors, it will make the room more spacious.

Gloss Finishing for Round Pedestal Coffee Tables

This wooden round pedestal table has gloss finishing. It is arranged between the two floral sofas and below the glamorous chandelier. The purple accents are also shown in the flowers, the throw pillows, and the area rug.

An Exciting Furniture Piece

This round pedestal coffee table can be an exiting piece of furniture that complete a living room. a sectional sofa, a white armchair, and its footstool become a comfortable seating for a living room.

Items on the Round Pedestal Coffee Tables

A round pedestal coffee table has no corners to anchor pieces on. You can create display items around the edges. You can place some books and a small flower vase on the coffee table.

round pedestal coffee tables white couches area rug wall mounted shelf frames colorful throw pillows side tables lamps windows

Stacey Costello Design

Mirrored Round Pedestal Coffee Tables

This open concept living room has a unique mirrored round pedestal coffee table and many seating features. There are a big corner sofa, shag stools, and two armchairs.

A Glamorous Coffee Table

This round coffee table is glamorous with white top and gold furnishing. The other gold accents also can be found in the big standing mirror frame, side table, and the floor lamp. The gold accents combine with sweet colors of purple and pink.

A Transitional Living Room

This transitional living room looks so charming. It provides a small coffee table and a sofa with some throw pillows on it.

A Minimalist Living Room

This pedestal coffee table really suits in a minimalist living room. It is paired with a grey sofa and a blue armchair.

Round Pedestal Coffee Tables with Wood Top

This coffee table is from a Pottery Barn. It has a textured wood top that makes this table more stylish and unique. This living room also gets some fun from the pop orange color accents.