Diamond engagement rings that have the quality, brilliance and sparkle while remaining eco-friendly? Now that’s something we want to know more about! We partnered with Ken & Dana Design, New York City based custom jewelry designer dedicated to quality and ethics, to share everything you need to know about lab created diamonds and what makes Ken and Dana’s rings so unique.


Lab created diamonds are visually and structurally exact replicas of natural diamonds mined from the earth – so if we gave you two diamonds (natural and lab created) it would be impossible to tell which was which! In addition to the look and quality being the same, lab created diamonds are independently graded and certified as well. Not only can you help save the environment by purchasing lab created diamonds, you can also expect to save about 30% on cost. A win, win!  

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Ken & Dana Design rings are custom made, starting with a consultation to discuss vision and ring specifications. This process takes about 4 to 6 weeks.

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We love Ken & Dana Design’s ethical commitment to diamonds, environmental and social responsibility. Not only do they offer lab created diamonds, all of their natural mined diamonds are Kimberley Process compliant conflict-free diamonds. Clients can walk away happy with a brilliant diamond engagement ring that will last an eternity and beyond.

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