This small Swedish studio apartment is decorated in a lovely mixture of beige, brown, black and natural elements for a warm and cozy look that is elegant and inviting. When decorating a small studio like this one, it’s important to select furniture that fits the room. Empty space around the furniture is very important to make the room look more spacious. The small white fabric sofa combined with the small coffee table fits perfectly in this space, and the natural area rug separates the sofa area from the dining area in front of the window. On the opposite side of the sofa, a small wooden bench is placed against the wall, which also doesn’t take up a lot of floor surface, for a more spacious look.

The bedroom is hidden behind beige linen curtains* and since the daylight is coming from the one window only, a large round mirror was hung here to reflect the light and to make the bedroom area look bigger. The warm tints in the textiles on the bed make this area look inviting and the fluffy area rug underneath makes it even more cozy. There is even a spot for a small armchair and side table, which gives the impression that the bedroom is its own room rather than a part of the living room.

via Stadshem

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