Whether you keep on your desk for those times when you’re working late or you put it on your nightstand, a small table lamp is a quirky accessory that can brighten your day (or night) and make everything more enjoyable. So do you have any in mind? As it happens, we’re prepared with some really cute and funky suggestions.

Here you can see the Brother lamp on the upper shelf accompanied by the Agraffe lamp below. The first one is part of the Brother & Sister series designed by Thomas Merlin for ENOstudio. The lamp comes in four color options and has a design that’s reminiscent of those old headdresses from a long time ago. The Agraffe takes inspiration from champagne corks. It has a graphic and simple design and a custom-designed light bulb created just for the occasion.

How cute and funky are these table lamps? These are the Get Out Dog and Get Out Cat lamps designed by Clotilde and Julien for ENOstudio. These best sellers are easy to assemble and their MDF frame is available in a variety of different colors, both matt or lacquered. They’re really cute and children love them but they’re also funky enough to appeal to adults as well. Nobody would blame you for wanting one of these in your bedroom or living room.

The Mouse lamp would probably take the cuteness award if we had one to offer right now. It comes in three different version: the sitting and standing mouse and the mouse that lies down. Any of them would look extremely fun and quirky in environments such as the office, the bedroom, the kids’ room or any other space you can think of that could use a small table lamp.

Moving on to designs that are just a tad more serious, we give you Fujiya, a table lamp available in two sizes and with a simple and elegant design. It has a structure made of solid black walnut or white oak finished with a hard-wearing wax oil finish. The shade is made of powder-coated steel and looks like a tiny bucket.

The Chantilly lamps looks delicious, probably because it reminds us of cone ice-cream and all the wonderful flavors that make our summers fun and refreshing. The lamp is designed by Constance Guisset and its signature look is given by a simple and ingenious system of folds which are created during the assembly process.

Since we mentioned folds, we thought we’d also have a look at the Vapeur lamp collection which uses pleats to look unique. It’s a collection that reinvents the paper lamp and shows us a new version of this concept. The lamps have lightweight shades made from tear-proof and washable material. They’re available in small and large versions.

This is Olo, a table that’s both funky and versatile. You can position it to either cast the light vertically or horizontally, depending on your needs. You can place it in three different positions thanks to its geometric form that’s been cleverly thought through specifically for this purpose.

The Cave lamp isn’t as much about light as it is about the way it molds on objects and highlights their forms. The lamp looks like a cave, hence the name. It’s more than just a simple light fixture. It’s also a sculpture, an object of contemplation designed to inspire and to stand out.

In case the name didn’t give it away, Lampdoll is basically both a lamp and a doll. Sure, it looks just a tiny bit creepy but it’s mostly fun and cute. You can keep it in two different positions, either seated or upright. This is possible thanks to the articulations each doll has. It’s sort of like a hybrid between a toy and a light fixture. You could have fun customizing it if you want.

The design of the Coltrane table lamp is inspired by jazz music. The lamp is meant to look expressive but to also be a timeless accent piece for a variety of spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, reading nooks or even office spaces. The lamp can either have one, two or three iron tubes and each version stands out in its own way.

These are the Boule lamps, a series designed by Sebastian Herkner. They come in a variety of sizes with hand-blown glass shades that can be transparent, opal white or smoky grey. The base of each lamp can either be black or white, various combinations can be created together with the shade. Each piece is unique and features small imperfections such as small bubbles or streaks or variations in color and size.

It looks a lot like a speaker but it’s actually a table lamp. The Drop by e27 Berlin has a solid circular base made of MDF. It can either be black or chromed. The top is covered in perforated steel mesh with a powder-coated finish and three color options: black, chrome or copper-plated. This is the type of lamp that would fit perfectly on a computer desk.

Sure, there are plenty of table lamps that are smaller than the Arctic Pear by Ochre but we shouldn’t overlook this one just because it’s not tiny. In fact, the lamp has a really slender base which makes it look graceful and delicate even though it has a pretty solid construction. The frame is made of patinated bronze or nickel and it holds two tiers of solid clear glass drops.

Verart Design is known for all the wonderful products inspired by laboratory glassware and recently the collection grew with a few special pieces. These were featured at Maison & Objet this January. Although the inspiration is still there, the designs are a bit more subtle and abstract. They also have a playful side. Check out the latest additions and admire their poeticity and charm.

If you want a lamp that’s simple without looking boring and that impresses in a subtle and elegant way, check out Pileo bassa lamp by Sovrappensiero. It has a tripod base made of solid canaletta walnut and a tin-plated base that hovers gracefully on top, supported by a thin neck.

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