Fashions belong to the runway and the high-end design and couture houses, is that what you think? Or you one of those who believes that fashion trends are to be used only as a guideline but it is your personal style that matters? Well, this article is going to be spanning two different schools of thought or rather taking a midway path that spans both because we feel that fashions exist as a style statement on the streets. In fact, if you spend a lot of time observing how girls and women dress out there, you will realize that there exists a distinct street style that is interesting and not at all elite the way fashion and couture houses what them to be. These street styles are the result of girls and women taking what looks good on them from the current or even past fashion trends and making it part of their own style statement. For instance, there are many outfits from New York street fashion that definitely merit a mention. But in this article, we will not look at clothing styles but makeup and hair based street styles.

While we are on the subject of hair and makeup based on street styles, you should also consider makeup mistakes that you should avoid to ensure that you look younger. This way you can go the street smart way of making your face but still avoid any pitfalls you may come across. And one more thing; if you are considering street hair styles, do study about thin hair vs thick hair and find out what each entails.

Here are some pointers that will make you come up with your own street style hair and makeup:

Go for the colors that work not the brands: We often fall for the brand trap when it comes to fashion and end up with colors that are not flattering. As long as you do not go for brands that are harmful, street styles dictate that you go for the colors that flatter even if they are not from the top brands.

Hair follows the face not the fashion: Hairstyles change every fashion season with poker straight hair ruling the roost sometimes and with wavy hair taking over at others and so on. But when it comes street style hair, the norm says that you should go with hair that flatters your face and not one that follows fashion trends.

Retro is fine as long as it clicks: Some of us often look at the mirror and wish that we belonged to another era because the styles of the era seem more apt on us than the ones followed today. If you are one of those, then go for the retro style by all means but ensure that you rock the look in every way. For instance, you can see that many of the street makeup and hair styles have gone for red lipstick and center parting though it may not be in vogue because they know it is flattering and so should you if that is what works for you.

Some classics are timeless: And we cannot say it enough, but classics earn their name because they are timeless. One of these worth mentioning here are the red and oxblood lipsticks that make a woman’s lips look so good and luscious. Or the fact that the smoky eye will always make the face pop but only if the rest of the makeup is simple. Or that the ponytail is a failsafe when it comes to a bad hair day.

When in doubt less is more: If you are in doubt about what works on your face and the occasion for which you are getting ready, then go with less. Street styles are smart in that way and this is a rule that you are better off following even if you are a diehard fashion trend follower.

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