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Does your busy life stress you out? Are you looking for a new way to unwind and relax? Our friends at the Craft Yarn Council have the perfect solution!

We’ve been talking about stress awareness throughout April, and to celebrate and educate people about the health benefits of yarn crafts, the Craft Yarn Council is hosting its annual #StitchAwayStress campaign: make life’s lemons into lemonade by crocheting a lemon stress ball and squeezing it when life gets tough!


This year there’s even a new spin on the lemon stress ball – a lemon pillow created by Twinkie Chan. This new lemon is the perfect companion to the lemon stress ball and even doubles as a pillow! 

“This lemon pillow offers double benefits because the process of crocheting or knitting it is relaxing too and research proves it,” explains Jenny Bessonette, CYC’s executive director. “Eighty-five percent of crocheters and knitters surveyed in our research reported reduced stress was a benefit of yarn crafting.”

During the month of March, the council promoted a survey on social media to gauge the habits of knitters and crocheters and to find out how yarn crafts contribute to their wellness:

The Craft Yarn Council has also created three videos of fabulous interviews with Dr Perri Klass, Betsan Corkhill from StitchLinks, and Carol Caparosa from Knitwell that talk about their experiences with how crochet and knitting can help with reducing stress and managing other health conditions.

We loved the Craft Yarn Council’s takeover on our Instagram this week! Follow us for more!

Hey Y’all! We are the @craftyarncouncil, and today we are taking over! Head up to the stories to learn a little about us before we jump in today. ? Every April during Stress Awarness Month, we host our annual Stitch Away Stress campaign which encourages loopers (knitters, crocheters, and general yarn crafters) to use their stitching skills to unwind and relax. Research has shown that looping has numerous health benefits. Knitting and crocheting lifts moods, inspires creativity, reduces stress and provides a sense of accomplishment. You can even feel good about yourself and make something for someone else or donate to a charity in need. With all the benefits of knit and crochet, why not give it a try? Stitch life’s lemons into lemonade. ⚡? Also, you can go download this free squeezable lemon designed by @twinkiechan from our website linked in the @craftyarncouncil bio! #stitchawaystress

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We’d love to hear all about how crochet helps you manage stress – tell us about it in the comments section below!

Find out more about the Craft Yarn Council on their website, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


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