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Filet crochet is a fun way to create fabulous patterns with only two stitches! Anna Nikipirowicz is here to show you how!

Filet crochet

Filet is French word meaning net, filet crochet is a net or mesh like fabric created with only two stitches: the chain and UK treble (US double crochet). You can create incredible designs using the mesh-like lace, anything from geometric shapes to texts. As long as you can draft the design onto graph paper, you can translate it into filet crochet.

Most filet crochet is made using cotton yarn or thread. Cotton makes it easier to block into a final shape, but please do not let this limit you – filet crochet works wonderfully in different types of yarn to create lovely shawls and wraps.

Filet crochet is made up of a mesh of stitches that form a squared grid. On each side of each square there is a treble, and each open square has two chains between these trebles, creating a square chain space (ch-2 sp). For solid squares on chart you will work two trebles into those chains spaces.

To work an open square work (2 ch, miss 2 sts) and to work solid square work 2 trebles into open square.


  • If the first grid of a row is filled, the beginning of the row will be a chain 3. If it is empty, the beginning is chain 5.
  • Always skip the first treble. The beginning chain of the row will always include the first stitch.
  • If the first grid of a row is filled: chain 3 (counts as 1 treble), work 1 tr into each of next 2 tr or ch-2 sp.
  • If it is empty: chain 5 (counts as 1 treble and 2 chains), miss ch-2 space and treble into next treble.
  • If the last grid of a row is filled, but the first grid of the next row is empty: turn, chain 5, then miss the first 2 trebles.
  • If you are working an empty square over a filled square, you will need to skip the two trebles stitches between the “lines” of the grid.
  • At the ends of rows, work the last treble into the top of 3rd chain at the beginning of the previous row.


When choosing yarn for your projects remember that every filled cell will be 4 stitches wide. The hook for your project should be a size or two sizes smaller than recommended, so your stitches can be a little stiff.

Today I’m using MillaMia Naturally Soft Cotton which is a beautiful 100% 4ply cotton with a 2.5 mm crochet hook.

Working from chart

When working from chart, work the odd-numbered rows from right to left and the even-numbered rows from left to right.

Our chart has 9 squares, multiply each square by 3 (9 x 3 = 27) add 5 (3 for the first treble and 2 for the first ch-2 space) = 32 chains.

Row 1: 1 tr into 8th chain from your hook, * 1 tr into next 3 ch, ch 2, miss 2 chains, 1 tr into next chain; repeat from * to end. Turn. (5 empty squares and 4 filled)

Filet stitch

Row 2: ch 3 (counts as 1 tr), 2 tr into next ch-2 sp, 1 tr into next tr, *ch 2, miss next 2 tr, 1 tr into next tr, 2 tr into next ch-2 sp, 1 tr into next tr; repeat from * to end, working last tr into 3rd of 5 ch. Turn.

Filet stitch

Row 3: ch 5 (counts as 1 tr and 2 ch), miss 2 tr, 1 tr into next tr,* 2 tr into next ch-2 sp, 1 tr into next tr, ch 2, miss 2 tr, 1 tr into next tr; rep from * to end, working last tr into 3rd of 3 ch, turn.

Now work each squares following the chart.

Grid pattern


Filet stitch


Weave in all ends and block your work by pinning it out, spraying with water and allow to dry naturally.

Have a go at following the chart below for more intricate motif.

The chart has 9 cells and the first one is filled, which means you will start with 30 ch (9 x 3 =27 + 3 which counts as 1 tr)

Filet stitch pattern

Patterns that use the filet crochet technique!

Heart Sweater by Accessorise

Heart Sweater by Accessorise

We love this heart sweater by Accessorise, using King Cole Bamboo Cotton 4ply – it’s a good example of how you can use filet crochet to create pictures!  For a first project, try this sweet scarf, White Coast by Katia Novikova, which uses sport weight yarn – but you could create this scarf in any weight you love with the appropriate hook!

White Coast by Katia Novikova

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