build your own log store

Brrr. Winter is coming.

I am definitely not a cold weather person and need all the heat I can get.  So we had a log fire installed when we renovated our place. Seriously, it is the BEST thing.

On a Saturday night in winter, the three of us are often found curled up on the sofa in front of the fire, covered in cosy blankets and reading or just chilling. I know, get a life right?! But we love it.

Up until now, we had a ton of logs strewn all over the garage which was extremely messy and impractical. So this year we were determined to have a place to store our logs. After some looking around, Richard decided to build his own log store in the garden because shop bought ones were the wrong size or too expensive.

I thought that I would share the DIY with you as it is such a handy place to keep your logs and the log store is not hard to make. And since it’s not crazy cold right now, you can get outdoors and make one for yourself in plenty of time for winter.

If you want the step by step tutorial to build your own log store, you can download it below or at the end of this post.

how to build your own log store

There is something so romantic and charming about a real log fire, the flames are mesmerising and I could stare at them for hours. But above all, it’s the heat that really keeps your bones warm.

build your own log store pdfhow to build your own log store

build your own log store

We’ve placed the log store right outside our back door so we can very easily get to the logs when it’s freezing cold.  Richard also built an extra bit to keep the kindling and a bin for the ashes. You can see all the details in the free tutorial.  Now we can’t wait to light our first fire of the year.

Will you build your own log store for winter? Don’t forget to grab the step by step tutorial below or above.

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