Have you had enough of Black Friday shopping madness, last-minute December mall runs and January debt headaches? Me too. It’s nuts. We seem to have turned the most sacred and celebrated time of year into an excuse to overspend and make ourselves feel good. Let’s stop the madness this year and simplify. 

sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly and simple gift guide 2016 + Jord wood watch giveaway

Simplify this holiday season by skipping Black Friday chaos in favour of spending quality time with loved ones and doing your shopping online for simple, sustainable, and ethical gifts. Intentional giving means choosing to spend on gifts and experiences that are handmade, sustainably created, meaningful, and support artisans and/or small entrepreneurs.

Express the love and joy of the season through simple and functional gifts of quality and beauty that make life just a little better. Here are my selections for 2016 (and a special bonus for you at the end!). 

1/ The Alchemist  2/ Leather camera strap  3/ Jord Fieldcrest Sandalwood Watch  4/ iPhone-wallet case 5/ Wooden Beard Comb 6/ Desk Docking Station

sustainable, ethical gifts for her 2016

1/ Makeup Brush Holder 2/ Felt Slippers 3/ Ethically sourced fushia wrap bracelet 4/ Coral velvet pillow 5/ Handmade Camera strap 6/ Artisan ceramic mug

sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly gifts 2016

1/ Sari-Wrap Basket 2/ Wooden wall spice rack 3/ Essential Oil Starter Kit 4/ Ethically-sourced Kantha table runner 5/ Walnut serving board 6/ Essential Oil Diffuser 

simple, ethical, sustainable stocking stuffers 2016

1/ Soy essential oil candle 2/ Leather cord catcher 3/ Organic Bee-Friendy seed packs 4/ Organic Fair-Trade Tumeric 5/ Lavender sachets 6/ Fable Naturals Soap 

Jord Watch for Her 2016 - Frankie 35 Dark Sandalwood

And here’s a gift just for you!

Enter to win a Jord Wood Watch plus immediately get a $25 coupon emailed to you when you enter. Contest and coupon valid until December 18th, 2016. You know I love anything that’s wood and simple, and that includes my Jord watch, shown above. Check it out right here. 

Enter to Win a Jord Wood Watch

I hope these gifts inspire you to keep it simple and sustainable this holiday season. Take it easy this weekend, stay home, and have fun online gifting.