Star Wall Hanging

This star wall hanging is still up (I love too much to take down!) so its not too late to share here. Keeping to my festive theme of using up what materials I had in my stash, this gentle star garland used up air dry clay decorations I made years ago along with metallic coloured sequins and crystal beads. I had originally planned it to be more detailed but when it came to hanging, its delicate simplicity won me over. 
I made the strands using tiger tail and crimps – first looping the tiger tail around a clay decoration and securing with a crimp then adding a mix of beads and sequins randomly along the length. To finish I looped and fastened the tiger tail over and old branch I’d painted and glued gold stars in the gaps. I also added a string of wire lights to the branch because you can never have too many fairy lights.
It’s sat happily behind my Christmas table and after Christmas table and I plan on keeping it up for a little while longer. Being almost invisible it was really hard to capture so I made the most of the dramatic winter sun to show you how it contrast and glimmers in the winter light.